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mba 2018

  1. J

    2018 MBA: Fast(er) Charging Available?

    Hi Everyone, I believe that the 2018 MBA comes with a 30 watt USB-C charger. If you were to use a 45 watt, 60 watt, or 87 watt USB-C charger, would the 2018 MBA charge any faster? Or is the 2018 MacBook Air physically limited to charging at a max of 30 watts?
  2. R

    Macbook Air 2018 or Mac Mini 2018?

    I want to migrate back to MacOS. I had a MBA 2011 and replaced it with Microsoft Surface Pro 4 2016. It's portable, but now I'm usually working in one place and find the Surface buggy. Plus, it's struggling to keep up (I think it's the 4GB RAM). Anyway, as I don't want to spend €2000 for a...
  3. L

    What should I get? Air 2018 or Pro nTB 2017

    It'll be my first time getting a Mac (I'm a college student) and I want this to be a really good investment. I've been choosing between the new Air and the 2017 Pro without the touchbar. I was leaning towards the Pro 2017 at first but after reading news and threads about the keyboard, I am now...
  4. A

    Advice on the best MacBook for using a virtual machine

    Hey guys! I'm choosing a new MacBook and persist in a quiet a confusion after several days of reading and thinking. :) I choose between 2018 rMBA and 2018 13' tbMBP. And specific configurations. The cornerstone of Mac's resources use is that I'm unfortunately forced to use a single (damn!)...
  5. S

    Battery life on MBA 2018 - 6hrs max

    I purchased the new MBA 2018 in hope to get a machine with decent battery life. Unfortunately, the MBA 2018 battery is more than a disappointment to me. I get a max. 6hrs with screen dimmed to 50% and usual Safari web surfing. Youtube and other videos train the battery even further. What's...
  6. M

    light gaming on Macbook Air 2018

    hey hey, how do you guys think will the new MBA perform in terms of light gaming. I ordered the 16gb / 512gb version for university and as I don‘t have any other computer etc. for gaming I want to do some gaming on it. I don‘t want to play the newest games but what about older titles like lets...