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    hey hey,

    how do you guys think will the new MBA perform in terms of light gaming. I ordered the 16gb / 512gb version for university and as I don‘t have any other computer etc. for gaming I want to do some gaming on it. I don‘t want to play the newest games but what about older titles like lets say battlefield 4 (2013). Lot of people here on MacRumors talk bad about the new processor in the MBA but still it‘s faster than a nTB Macbook Pro from 2016 and just uses 7 watts. I know full reviews are yet to come but i hope you can give me at least some thoughts on what you think.

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    Yes, but the GPU is still much slower than the GPU in nTB MBPs.

    Honestly, this laptop just isn't suitable for gaming unless you're willing to buy an eGPU.
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    you can forget about all gaming in 3D on a 7W chip. especially on macOS, this chip won't be able to play anything.
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    with the new eGPU Vega can game on the mac, light games and also big games, but not on 4k high settings

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