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  1. S

    iPhone X Receive SMS when only on WiFi?

    Is there any way to receive SMS text messages (not iMessages) on my iPhone when on WiFi only? I’m currently in an area where I need to stay in airplane mode with cellular data turned off. WiFi works just fine and I can receive iMessages fine but cannot receive others SMS text messages. Is there...
  2. J

    All Devices Messages App Not Showing Content iOS 13/macOS, just dates, iCloud Messages

    I have been having an issue with the messages app in iOS 13 after syncing with iCloud messages. One day, I woke up and all of my messages were gone - the app was showing blank. So I erased the iPhone (iPhone X), and restored from my backup and all of the messages re-downloaded from iCloud to the...
  3. sbsmithjax

    iPhone iOS 13 Message app is removing my images!

    Can someone help me understand why the images that I text/iMessage to other people, disappear in my thread with them, even though the recipient can see the image. This almost always happens 5-24 hours AFTER the images is sent. Here is what I see on my screen: It doesn't happen to all...
  4. capoditutti

    iPhone Uniting Messages threads across backups

    Hi all, Scenario: Hardware failure suspected; Apple engineers advise iTunes backup and full OS install with no backup restoration, to eliminate app/data/configuration issues. This happens multiple times (4-6 phases), before Apple concedes it is hardware, and they issue a replacement phone...
  5. N

    All Devices Did iOS 13 change the way to delete multiple iMessage attachments?

    Prior to updating to iOS 13 I used to be able to delete many photos/attachments that accumulated in iMessages by clicking the "info" button scrolling to photos, pressing "more" and tapping on multiple items and then deleting them. Now it seems like that functionality is gone. I know that in a...
  6. T

    Messages creating Office 08/08/2019 contacts?

    Whenever I search for an O contact on my MacBook Air, I am greeted with several contact suggestions labeled Office 08/08/2019, Office 08/16/2019, Office 6/12/2019, and just a whole bunch more of seemingly random dates. I checked on both my iPad and my iPhone to see if this contact suggestion...
  7. D

    MacOS Message could not connect

    Hi all, I have a Mac Pro 4,1 upgrade to 5,1 and love it. Altough I'm running into some issues with iMessage/FaceTime. On my iPhone I have enabled iMessage and FaceTime to share with Mac. But I'm not able to login to the messages app. I always get the error message saying something went wrong...
  8. J

    iOS 13 & Messages app

    Has anyone noticed if it has RCS text support? I don’t have anyone to test this with at the moment. Also there’s a pop up for Apple apps when u first go in that show what’s updated yet for messages the descriptions are blank on my device can anyone post a screen shot of what it shows that’s...
  9. uniquexoxo

    iPhone Messages are double sending?

    Ever since ios12 I’ve been having problems with messages. They are sending as text and as imessage says my recipients, same with receiving it. I get the same message as imessage and as a regular text. I’ve attached a screenshot. I don’t know if it’s an ios 12 thing, but I didn’t have this issue...
  10. J

    Messages in iCloud Nightmare

    Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful day so far! The Problem I recently (about 1 month ago) erased my MacBook's SSD and reinstalled macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. I then proceeded to transfer my iMessages from a backup of the Messages that I made and I had no problems so far. The...
  11. Frantisekj

    Sharing menu in Messages???

    Hello, I do not have ios 12 yet but wonder whether this polishing release would bring sharing menu to Messages app. You can share nearby anything from anywhere to anywhere but you can not share Message from Messages. Only to withing messages. I think 12 releases were enough to implement it. Of...
  12. N

    How to fix/reset Messages app

    Hi all, I have not used the Messages app for about a year because it started giving me problems, especially with group messages and syncing with my other iDevices. So, I have had it turned off. I just updated my computer (early 2011 MBP) to High Sierra, and I read that there are some...
  13. jelloshotsrule

    iphone 6 painfully slow messages, etc

    so about a week ago my iphone 6 became dog slow sending messages. like it'll take ~1-4 minutes for a message to send. whereas with my macbook pro messages are sending immediately like usual. i've confirmed it happens sending to various people, not just one message thread. i've also had my phone...
  14. A

    Annoying Contact issue...

    So I have my Apple ID added to my home and work Mac. It syncs the contacts via iCloud I believe. I have removed a contact and I NEED this contact to no longer appear, the contact was removed on my mobile phone which is an iPhone iOS 10.3.3 and also has been removed from the "recents" when you...
  15. P

    iOS 11 - Music Volume Drop in Messages

    With the latest update, has anyone else noticed a drop in music volume whenever the Messages app is open? I notice this with Spotify and Soundcloud (I don't have any files to play on the native Music app so I haven't checked that). Anyone find a fix?
  16. S

    Help messages wont work iphonne 5

    I tried copying and pasting a large amount of word into a groupchat and now i cant open messages it just closes out of it i have tried hard resetting it i am using ios 10.3.3
  17. jwatters579

    iOS 11 - Messages Notification

    Has anyone else gotten this notification on the home screen regarding Messages? I wake up every morning to the exclamation point. I go in and find there are no issues. Is this a bug? Is anyone else experiencing this?
  18. G

    Should iCloud backup match the amount of storage on my phone?

    My messages app is acting up a lot so I was going to factory reset my phone and use my backup from icloud. However, when I look at my icloud storage its only listed as 32gb but my actual phone storage is using 53gb. I also don't see my messages listed as backed up in icloud. Shouldnt the two...
  19. Z

    blue and green sent msg's

    In iOS9, in the Messages app when i send msgs some are coloured with a green color, others are colored with a blue and i have no clue what is the difference between those two colors, what do they stand for?
  20. C

    iMessages erasing drafts if you leave the messages app.

    for what good reason has apple dropped the ball yet again on a basic function of a phone. Why does your drafted message get erased if you leave the messages app. so much for multitasking and switching between apps and the phone being able to do that..... clearly it can't. drafted messages get...