metal api

  1. nicko3.0i

    "new" MP 5.1, and Mojave fresh install on NON EFI GPU

    Hi all! My last Mac was a MacMini G4 back in 2009, but I got for like 50 bucks a "non working" 5.1 MacPro and it's 1920x1200 monitor. Brought it home, cleaned it up in the garage using a compressor, tons of dust went out.. It has several scratches and dents, but it's no big deal. It turned out...
  2. Sdtrent

    Question about Metal 2

    So Metal 2 is supposed to be up to 10x faster than Metal. With games like Starcraft 2 and Hitman that already support Metal will we automatically see a performance boost when we update, or do the developers need to do some additional coding to get the preformance gains of Metal 2? Just curious :)
  3. Sdtrent

    Anyone planning on getting Hitman?

    If so could you let me know how it performs on your Mac? I’m thinking about getting it but I want to hear how well it runs on Metal first. Thanks!
  4. C

    Upgrading Graphics Card on Mid 2010 Mac Pro

    Hi guys, I was really looking forward to playing Cyan's new game Obduction on my mid 2010 Mac Pro. However, an error message* on launch basically reveals that my MP isn't Metal API-compatible even though it's running El Capitan 10.11.6. This might be a dumb statement but I can't even find...