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microsoft remote desktop

  1. A

    Confused about correct spec for MS Remote Desktop. I would love some advice!

    I'm starting an engineering PhD in which will involve some 'power hungry' CAD and simulation software. These are mostly Windows specific so i'm being provided with a desktop to deal with those applications, however in reality most of my time is going to spent researching and writing papers. Ive...
  2. ckuttner

    Microsoft Remote Desktop on early Intel MacBook?

    OK....maybe an odd question. I use Microsoft Remote Desktop on my iPad from home to work with the Windoze box at my desk at work. It actually works well, but I’d like a bigger screen. Using our fairly new MacBook Pro works nicely, but my wife really wants to be able to use that during the day...
  3. chiarecciu

    big sur microsoft remote desktop

    Hi everyone. I have a MacBookPro. I work from home by connecting to my company computer through the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. My operating system is Big Sur. Since yesterday every time I try to connect with the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, I can't do it and I get this message We couldn't...