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microsoft word

  1. S

    iPad Pro Apple Pencil buggy in Word

    I have an iPad Pro 11, and the pencil constantly causes the app to crash. Like every few minutes. Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. Q

    How to batch edit the hyperlinks *inside* of words/phrases in a rich-text document?

    Hey everyone, The following example is entirely hypothetical. Let's say I keep a large list of historical events in a rich-text document with the following pattern: *Historical event* | YouTube video 1 | YouTube video 2 | ... Inside each of the "YouTube video" phrases is a hyperlink that...
  3. H

    Microsoft Word 2016 - Insert Picture from File Greyed Out

    Upgraded to the standalone Office 2016 and am editing a .doc file, but can no longer add pictures from file. Any way to maintain the file format and solve this issue? Is this yet another reason to move to Ulysses?
  4. loco8

    Horrible MBP performance

    So, I bought the 2017 13-inch MBP (3,1 GHz Intel Core i5, 16GB RAM, touchbar, etc.) about 2 months ago. And it's horrible. It just has problem after problem. First, two weeks after buying it I noticed that there was a dead pixel in the screen. I spoke with Apple and they told me that it needs...
  5. B

    iPad Transfer documents to iPad and edit offline with MS Word

    I'm trying to find a solution for the following problem: I need to get a folder containing files and subfolders onto an iPad and edit the files offline using MS Word (or another app that can read doc files). I tried using the Dropbox app, but unfortunately you can't sync entire folders. You can...
  6. P

    Mac Removing Paragraph Breaks in Word

    I have this script that combines word files into one file. I then drop that Word file onto Quark and drag it off to the side. The problem I'm having is that the imported text cuts off after the first paragraph and the rest of the text is overflowing. I'm trying to figure out how to replace the...
  7. F

    Office apps upload blank docs to Google drive

    Now this might not be an iPad issue but I've only encountered it on my iPad Pro, so I thought I'd post it here. When I create a word document or a PowerPoint on my iPad Pro I try to save it to my google drive as that is where I store everything. But whenever I do this the document or...
  8. H

    Word Processing/Computer Omitting/Changing Words

    My Word, my screenwriting software final draft (and now my gmail) have all been omitting/changing words. I am a writer and editor. It's not uncommon for me to write several thousand words a day. That said, I tend to correct mistakes as I go and have a good memory of what I have put down. Just...
  9. Jasmynp

    Why can't I edit this completely in Word for iPad?

    I use a couple different forms similar to this one for work a lot, but cannot edit all parts of it on Word for iPad. For example, I cannot put checks in the boxes and in some areas, and it's difficult for me to cut and paste. I didn't have trouble with this when using word on my nexus 9. Is...