1. F

    OneDrive Not Syncing After MacOS Update

    Ok, so I updated my Macbook last night to the updated OS. Everything seemed to work just fine until this afternoon. I usually run two OneDrive accounts on my Mac. Only one (the personal account) is showing up. When I click on the OneDrive icon in the menu bar and go to "add account" nothing...
  2. grandM

    Where did Microsoft get its inspiration from?

  3. Apple Knowledge Navigator

    MS Office vs Google Workspace

    I'm looking to migrate to a new suite of productivity apps for my small business, and the Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Slides) is one consideration. I've used MS Office for many many years, but it's starting to become a little bloated and expensive for my needs. I want to move away from 365...
  4. DAK_apple

    iPhone Is the new iTunes dropping Outlook syncing?

    I have seen some posts on Apple and Microsoft's forums, recently, about the new version of iTunes dropping sync with Outlook. Since I could not get confirmation of this from the official Apple site, I am confused as to whether this is true for entire Apple users or a glitch happening with only a...
  5. G

    Microsoft Intellimouse driver/software no longer available?

    I recently decided to buy a corded mouse and opted for the Microsoft Intellimouse Classic. I've been trying to get the two side buttons to work, but I am unable to find the IntelliPoint software anywhere on the Microsoft website. Is it no longer supported? What are my third party options? I'm...
  6. srbNYC

    Mentions in Mac Mail?

    Does anyone know if there is any way at all to include "Mentions" (using the @ symbol to cite, link, and notify colleagues) on an Office 365 account in Mail? I know Outlook for Mac does it well, but for several reasons, and after many trials of alternatives, I've found that Mac's native Mail...
  7. G

    Exporting notes from iCloud Notes to OneNote including images, characters and fonts

    Hi All, I really need your help with something related to OneNote notes. I would need to export notes from iCloud to Microsoft OneNote and I am using the built-in functionality in iCloud application to share the notes with OneNote. It partially works but when it does not include all the images...
  8. M

    Word for Mac changing spancing, header and text line

    Hello. Does anyone know how to make default settings in MS Word for Mac? I did it for the text so I belive there is also an option to make other things default. I made a screenshot on which part I would like to go default. Thanks.
  9. S

    MS Word says I'm in Germany

    I have no idea how to fix this. My document opened in Microsoft Word and in the bottom status bar was 'German (Germany)'. I tried doing a spell check but was presented only German correction options. I selected English (US) but then when I returned to spell check the doc it went back to German...
  10. gkarris

    What console and launch games will you buy this Holiday 2020?

    Which one will you buy this holiday 2020? How did you score one? Any launch game recommendations? Personal reviews? How is backwards compatibility? Post them here please, help the rest of us out... ;)
  11. JamesLaff

    Office 2011 Download: Am I screwed into 365?

    Recently I had just upgraded my mac, and have held onto my product key from years ago to put into any new computer (like this current situation). I re-downloaded Office 2011, version 14.7.7 (last stable update). It accepted my key and everything, the software is on my computer, but accompanied...
  12. brinary001

    Microsoft's new Edge browser is a great alternative to Chrome for those seldom occasions when Safari won't do

    Safari is my main browser across all my Apple devices. While it's a good browser, that isn't necessarily by choice, as Apple prevents their users from choosing a different default browser. However, in macOS you have a bit more freedom than Apple's other platforms, and while I still use Safari...
  13. supergaia

    macos and office 2019 , why does not Microsoft Excel keep the window size?

    Hi i have installed under mojave office 2019 i can open word and keep the window maximized i can't do with Microsoft Excel and the other programs like PowerPoint, and Outlook of office 2019 i guess i will try to install on high sierra is a mojave problem or it's microsoft office 2019 standard...
  14. M

    How do I permanently uninstall Microsoft AU Daemon?

    From time to time, I keep getting this notification, even if I delete it. I tried deleting it from Notifications in System Preferences. The Microsoft Office is installed from the App Store, I previously had it installed from Microsoft website. I think I uninstalled it using AppCleaner...
  15. karsten

    Microsoft Remote Desktop app completely broken after udpate

    The Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Mac Appstore updated and is completely broken connecting to a Win10 Pro desktop. Graphics artifacts and glitches make it unusable. The release notes mention updates to video encoding used so I assume it's something to do with that. Is there any way...
  16. O

    Office 2019 for Mac - Consumer Version's Availability For Purchase

    According to this blog post,, underneath the "Availability" section, it states, "Office 2019 is now available for *consumer* and commercial customers. For consumer customers in China...
  17. bwintx

    Microsoft pulls Windows 10 October 2018 Update

    In case you missed it: There are some reports that VMs with Windows 10 1809 aren’t immune to the particular file-deletion bug that seems to be in play here. Just as an added safety measure, I have at least...
  18. jeremiah256

    Home How Many Personal Assistants Do You Use/Want To Use?

    This is an interest of mine since I want to get more into the Internet of Things (IoT) and want to start off with home and personal automation. I'm no expert on any of the assistants, and hopefully, this thread will provide myself and others who are interested, a way to expand our knowledge...
  19. Z

    MS SharePoint and Silverlight plug-ins not working in Safari 12

    Upgraded to Safari 12 and found out that MS SharePoint plug-in is not working anymore. The plug-in is just not showing up anymore under Preferences > Websites > Plug-ins even though I have the plug-in files properly in place in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ folder. Also tried running the latest...
  20. rafark

    Other $500 for a phone!?

    With all the whining there is around here, I think it's appropriate to bring this back