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  1. M

    iPad How do the Liquid Retina XDR mini-LED displays of the M1 iPad Pro and MacBooks differ?

    Excuse the apparent fact that I'm not knowledgeable on this topic. I thought it'd be fair to expect the same viewing experience from the two devices, but they appear very different to me regarding how dark black areas get and bloom or reflectivity. Even while both screens are off, you can easily...
  2. L

    Studio Display - Colour range vs Mini LED and OLED

    Hi everyone. Looking for some help regarding the Studio Display. Currently on a 2015 13 inch MacBook Air and don't use an external monitor, and looking to upgrade to one of the new MacBook Pro’s, but really liking the idea of having that iMac experience too. All these screens are going to be...
  3. Cham2000

    What is mini-LED and Promotion?

    I keep reading messages about mini-LED and Promotion. What is it all about? What is mini-LED? And what is Promotion? Why these features are good things to have on a desktop display? What are their advantages over display that don't have mini-LED and Promotion? Should I really care about...
  4. Neodym

    iPad Pro iPP 12.9 2021 (M1) - blurry display

    Hi everyone, I purchased a new 2021 M1 iPP 12.9. I can compare directly to a 2020 iPP 12.9. Everything seems indeed a bit more instantaneous on the M1 (like e.g. immediate rendering of webpages to the very last icon), loading times for very complex apps are a few seconds shorter and the blacks...
  5. L

    mbp 14 with 27" monitor OR mbp 16 only

    should i rather get the base 14 and hook it to my 27" monitor (i copy the display anyway ,so i just use the monitor to get things bigger and more ergonomic) or get the base 16 and return my monitor i want to point out that i dont need portability this much ,and while it does indeed come in...
  6. L

    iPad Pro just how good is mini-LED on the ipad pro 12.9 ? especially in shadows and dark areas

    i know the display can get incredibly bright,brighter than anything u can purchase to that date actually ,so i have no doubt hdr movies do look good however im wondering how it plays from a pure contrast perspective,that is,how visible are elements in dark areas,shadows,which is where true...
  7. Goompa

    iPad iPad doesn’t show right battery %

    It bothers me a lot. I charge my IPP mini-led for let’s say 20 minutes, and when I pick it up it displays the same amount of battery %. Sometimes I restart it and it shows more %, sometimes it doesn’t. Any clue? Thanks in advance.
  8. David1986H

    16" MacBook Pro, buy now or wait for the mini-led?

    Hi, sorry for the long post but its better to get everything out there that I'm thinking. So last spring I heard that a 16" MacBook Pro was coming out at some point in 2019, when Apple updated the 15" in May 2019 I stupidly upgraded my 2017 MacBook Pro then 6 moths later in November the 16" come...
  9. Derrida

    Will there be a MBP 16'' refresh in 2020?

    First of all, this is my first post so I'm very happy to participate in this community! I know this topic has been already on the forum, but after all the CV19 events and the many hardware issues that the MBP 16'' seems to have, do you think it is possible that Apple announces a refresh (better...