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  1. lillo9546

    Other This is why I will not buy iPhone 12: OLED = PWM

    I just hate how Apple is not understanding How serious is the argument here. They still use OLED displays that use PWM to modulate brigtness, and so they flicker! 30/40% OLED Smartphone Owner's are claiming infact, eyestrain, headhace, nausea, dizziness, motion sickness, that is mainly caused by...
  2. C

    2014 Mac Mini only starts up after NVRAM reset

    Hi all! I have a 2014 Mac Mini running High Sierra. Yesterday it randomly started not waking up from sleep. I had to force restart several times throughout the day (by pushing the power button), and it would start up fine (giving the "your Mac was shut down because of a problem, would you like...
  3. Mark Twain 33

    Render + macmini/pro

    For render and photography I am using macpro 3.1 (2008) 2 x 2.8GHz and I want to upgrade. I am thinking about new mini (2018) 3.0GHz 6-core i5. Is it better solution then buying old pro 5.1/6.1? Maybe eGpu...for 300$...
  4. W

    3 monitors

    Hey guys, this question: how can I connect 3 monitor to Mini 2011? I have now a Samsung TV and a an other one LCD. thanks in advance best
  5. T

    Exploding Mac Mini 2012 power adapter

    Ok so this weird thing happened to me: My Mac Mini 2012 power supply kinda exploded... I needed the Mini on another station for the day so I unplugged it and (perhaps the mistake) took a random power cable. Connected everything, power on. Switching to the keyboard... BOOM The power cable...
  6. J

    Multiple 2014 Mac Minis unresponsive after macOS High Sierra Installation

    EDIT: Captain Stupid at the helm, here. I have been using a Unibeast/Hackintosh macOS High Sierra USB installer. A little hazy on why that would brick legit Macs but it seems to brick legit Macs...
  7. Sverkel

    Better sound?

    Helllo This might not be the right place to ask, but I don't know where else to go. I got the new Mac mini (yes, finally) but the sound on it is not great as you might know. I also got the Logitech Z-2300 speaker set that has great sound but my desk for the moment does not allow me to have...
  8. S

    Mac Mini 2018; 50Hz-144Hz Supported via HDMI @ 1920x1080p

    So I purchased the Mac Mini i3 (2018) variant. I have an AOC AGON AG251FZ and these refresh rates are supported in 1080p; It feels very nice and fluid in 144Hz. Mind you my monitor supports 240Hz via DP, not tried that.
  9. O

    WIFI drops when I connect external HDD to Mac Mini via USB

    I have a Mac mini 2018 i7 256GB storage and 8GB RAM. It runs Mojave. Very happy so far. I had to save money on the storage of course so I was lately running out of space. I sometimes connect my MBP on the network and use my other's Mac storage. A couple of days ago I used an old HDD and...
  10. Z

    updating my old mac mini

    What is the max OS my old mac mini can hold up to and what other optimisations can i make so it can become more to date :)
  11. D

    2018 Mac Mini USB Sleep settings - drives remain powered on

    Hey guys, when I eject USB drives on my MM2018 the drives spindown after eject as expected, but then they just spin up again (staying unmounted from the OS tho). Never happened on my other Macs, is it happening on yours too? Thx!
  12. M

    2018 Mac mini boot looping (on secure boot)

    So I got my brand new 2018 mac mini a week ago. Launched little bugger, installed some apps, experienced my first crash and was still able to boot normally. Few days later another crash and after that, my mini keeps crashing on boot up. Apple logo shows up, progress bar loads around 3/4 and...
  13. T

    iPad mini Anybody preorder the Mini 5 from Target?

    I preordered at Target to get the redcard discount and the estimated ship date has been saying April 9-14. Anybody else seen any movement from their Target orders? After seeing Best Buy selling for days, I can’t help but wonder what’s going on...
  14. T

    Bluetooth on Mini mounted behind TV

    We have three conference rooms in our office. In all three, there's a Mini wall-mounted behind the TV it feeds into. Everything looks great, but you have to be very close to the TV for the Bluetooth mouse & keyboard (both Apple) to work. We tried an IOGEAR GBU521 USB Bluetooth adapter...
  15. D

    Mac mini New or Old?

    My daughter looking to do video production in college on an Apple. Will be using Adobe Premiere. Wondering if I will be better off getting her a Mac mini late 2012 with an i7 chip or purchasing the 2018 model? I've found a late 2012 on Craigslist with a 2.3 ghz quad core intel i7, 16 GB of Ram...
  16. E

    What if the Mini wasn't so tiny, but the size of a loaf of bread?

    I have a 2012 QC mini, which works just fine for me. I am looking at the 2018 Minis and wonder what is so good about them being miniature. It's like the Mini is a solution in search of a problem. It's not as if my desk is so limited in size that I can't fit a slightly larger Mini on it. I don't...
  17. O

    i5 or i7 for productivity software?

    Hey guys, a lifetime windows user here who wants to switch. Honestly I don't want to spend any more money than I have to. So my question is regarding to the hyperthreading that is only available on the i7... do I get any performance boost with hyperthreading on my softwarea i listed down below...
  18. waheed

    $5 docking / external storage solution for external Type C (USB C) SSD for Mac mini 2018

    I was looking for a decent and affordable USB C based desktop enclosure which look decent when placed on desktop along with Mac mini 2018 and has a very low footprint but I could not find one even after searching for couple of days. After a failed search attempt, I decided to do a DIY dock...
  19. J

    Mac Pro vs 2018 Mac mini

    Hello everyone! I need some help/advice on deciding between a Mac Pro and 2018 Mac mini. This machine will be solely used for music production (Ableton Live + Plugins) and basic word processing. I do run Ableton at 48k and sometimes higher sample rates which can be tasking on my current 2014...
  20. T

    Mac mini 2012 SSD upgrade help and Time Machine setup

    I have a refurbished 2012 Mac mini 2.3 GHz Quad-core i7 with upgraded 16 GB DDR3 Crucial memory and a stock 1 TB HDD. I’ve been meaning to upgrade the HDD but never got to it. Realized last week that SSDs may be on sale now so trying to figure out how best to do this. I’ve read through some...