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mixed reality

  1. Gamercraft567a

    Apple vision pro: I don’t think you could actually use it on a plane here’s why

    1. Noise from other passengers and other noises from planes and that would hurt the immersion 2. Plane wi-fi is usually slow and the show your watching will buffer a ton 3. battery some planes don’t have outlets/plug’s 4. embarrassment people near you will probably make fun of you if they don’t...
  2. Juanchi007

    MP All Models Apple’s January Event Lineup

    With no Apple event invites this week, and Mark Gurman assuring his readers that this year’s remaining product launches will be delivered via press releases, it appears that Apple is done with events for the year. This leaves us looking forward to the first event of 2023, but I don’t believe...
  3. M

    Augmented reality + Apple Watch, the future is wearable

    Last years I/O, google presented the project Soli. An miniaturized radar, that feats on a smartwatch. With precision, Soli detects micro gestures of your fingers moving between each others or just moving in the air. Then it translates them into an 1:1 manipulation of 3D virtual objects...
  4. M

    Iphone 8 sensors, AR interactions

    There is this rumor everyone is talking about, a number of sensors on the iphone, supposedly for face tracking and identification. From a number of discussion I have read It became apparent that the only way this could work flawlessly is If the sensors could identify a face in a really wide...