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    There is this rumor everyone is talking about, a number of sensors on the iphone, supposedly for face tracking and identification.
    From a number of discussion I have read It became apparent that the only way this could work flawlessly is If the sensors could identify a face in a really wide angle.

    Lets admit that is possible, and
    lets jump for a moment to augmented reality.

    AR is the future but the future of AR is not the little window that is the screen of the Iphone (realistically the holy grail would be transparent sun glasses form factor but full of tech)

    My teory is that until Apple is ready for there stand alone AR glasses and as a step in the right direction, the iPhone 8 will fit into a glasses head strap contraption (like the one for VR in Samsung smartphones).

    With this viewer the AR objects in the tiny window that is the Iphone screen will exist within the entirety of your field of view cohabiting with the video fied of the real world.

    Now to the really wide angle detection sensors one more time.

    So, you are home alone, with the Iphone strapped to your head and you see this beautiful AR images within the video feed, in the video feed you also see your body, your arms and your hands...

    My believe that the rumored sensores are not for face tracking (or only for that) what they will do is detect the exact position of your head, shoulders, harms and hands, basicly 1 to 1 inside-out body tracking, the perfect way to interact with the Augmented reality world (also VR).

    What do you guys think?

    Besides...it is a rumor so It can also be nothing. ;)
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    I think much of that is coming one day but no so sure it will be in the iPhone 8.

    Instead of using the iphone 8 for the goggles, I would rather see Apple introduce dedicated goggles and not use our phone. They will be expensive but the quality would be outstanding.
  4. Mousesuck, Jul 6, 2017
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    I completely agree with you, sooner than later they will have to lauch AR stand alone glasses.

    Mainly because Magic leap, the ultra secretive multi billion dolar start-up financed by google and other major players, has been stealthily working on AR glasses, and have developed a technology that supposedly is generations beyond what Apple is able to do right know.


    They are expected to lauch an AR (Mixed reality) clear glasses with the form factor of sun glasses in 2017 (although no anoucement has been made and they are still in stealth mode).

    They will use light beams, generated in a small backpack the size of a smartphone, to project light directly into the retina creating a light field image instead of using a display. This will give you a huge image definition and the possibility to utilize all your field of view.

    That technology is light years ahead of what an hipotetical OLED IPhone 8 with all the sensors in the world and an head strap would be...so Apple really needs to have something up their sleeves in the next months.

    They did pull It of quite well with the ARKit. They had zero and now they will have an huge AR plataform that the competition doesn’t have.

    Only three things can happen anyways.

    Apple has a much more advanced AR technology than what we think they have. They will lauch something incredible and disruptive between 2017/2018 to compete with Magic leap.

    Magic leap is vaporware and Apple will be able to continue with their slow and steady pace and their step by step implementation of AR.

    Magic leap is all that It is said to be and one day, may very well ocuppy the space that is now occupied by Apple and has been occupied by Microsoft and has been occupied by General Motors and has been occupied by the East India Company...because the world always changes even If we think It is impossible.

    I mean, I’m a huge Apple fanboy but I’m not stupid, I will jump the boat as soon as I see something better and cooler.

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