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multiple devices

  1. ondert

    iPad Pro How many bluetooth headphones I can connect to iPP 10.5” at the same time?

    Hello good people, We have an idea to transform our terrace into a mini open air cinema. So, we’re going to get a projector, a curtain, a few bean bag chairs. I’m planning to use my wife’s 10.5” iPP as source plugged to the projector. For not making noise at summer nights, we would like to get...
  2. W

    Instagram accounts

    Hello everyone! I have been using Instagram on my Smartphone (Moto G4 Play) and computer (iMac, using for a couple years now. I volunteer for a local historic community event. I'd like to set up a dedicated Instagram account for the event that I can administer. Is there a way to...
  3. M

    General Going back to stock os killed iMessage

    Long story short, I had a previous iPad jailbroken and iMessages would sync between it and my iPhone seamlessly. I then updated that iPad to a stock os and suddenly the iPad would no longer receive iMessages. If I tried to send from my iPad the status bar showing it was sent would get stuck in...
  4. K

    Mirror one iPad to Another

    Hey guys, This might have already been posted, if it has and you want to just post a link to the thread that would be helpful. I am going to buy two new iPad Pros, and during a presentation, I want to hold one in my hand, scroll around, click around etc...and I want it to mirror exactly what...
  5. 0098386

    Mac to Memory Card sync app

    Hi! I'm looking for an app that will sync a bunch of folders to various memory cards. I currently keep an organised series of folders on my iMac but I need those files synced to multiple devices with different folder structures, and ideally I'd like it automatic. So if I plugged in a memory card...