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multiple libraries

  1. netnative

    Aftermath of Migrating from PC iTunes to Mac Music

    I just setup my first Mac —a 13-inch MacBook Pro. During the setup process I used Migration Assistant to transfer my iTunes music from a Windows PC. All the files and playlists were transferred, but it seems they were not transferred correctly. The iTunes Music Media folder location on my PC is...
  2. J

    An app with multiple photo libraries

    I am nowhere near a professional photographer but still I have a massive 70+ GB photo library which is taking up lots of space on my 2017 MBP. But I only need a fraction of the library on a regular basis. Is there an alternative to the Photos app out there that let me offload -> parts <- of my...
  3. Giuanniello

    How to merge Photo libraries

    Hello, Photo is not at all my photography main app but it comes handy at importing off of the iPhone, I just figured it out that on my backup MacBookAir I have two Photo libraries and was trying to find out how to merge them in a single one as to save space (there probably are doubles) and to...