1. I

    Other Split-screen multitasking on iPhone 12?

    Anyone know if any of the iPhone 12 models will have split-screen multi-tasking?
  2. Marlon DLTH :)

    All iPads Here is a concept of how floating windows could be on the iPad

    This is my first time doing a concept. I made it using PowerPoint haha. This is how I thing floating windows could be on iPadOS
  3. sorgo

    iPad “Merge All Windows…”

    …should be a dock icon long-press action for any multi-window-capable app, in my humble opinion. Thoughts?
  4. B

    iPad Multitasking support: why do developers get to decide?

    I'd like to know why Apple leaves it up to developers to decide if they want to support multitasking. eg. Why does Google get to decide that Gmail app doesn't support it? This is 2019.
  5. onujpt

    iPad Multitasking with App not in Dock

    Hello, I apologize if this has already been covered, but I can't find anything specific to iOS 12 and the new iPad Pro with Face ID. I'm trying to find a way to split screen with an app that's not in my dock and also without having to turn on the Recent App Suggestions. There are a few ways...
  6. P

    10 Months on and this still hasn't been fixed

    General > Multitasking & Dock > (dock) Show suggested & recent apps > Disable And yet, I'm still getting app suggestions in the dock. First it was Youtube, now it's a news app, that I don't even open unless an important headline comes up in my notifications. Yet, machine learning has decided...
  7. Gandek

    iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) Multi-tasking lag in iOS11 when switching from a game

    I have had a great experience thus far with my 10.5 picking it up months ago back when it was still running iOS 10. I'm not much of a gamer but recently decided to pick some games up from the app store. Whenever I go to the home screen after playing a game the multitasking menu will pause for...
  8. F

    How to actually close a slide over app or open in full screen from Slide Over

    For the iPad Pro Gen2, is there a way to actually close an app opened in Slide Over? For example: I have Safari opened full screen and open Mail in Slide Over. Now I want to open mail in full screen. There is no efficient way to do this. If you swipe right to hide the Mail Slide Over app then...
  9. c14nhl

    iPad Multitasking Bug

    When on the Homescreen using my iPad Pro 9.7, if I engage multitasking by flicking up from the bottom quickly, all th multitasking options are displayed as expected however the Homescreen doesn’t blur out making it difficult to see the options. When I swipe up slowly, the issue isn’t there. Has...
  10. M

    How to maximize a floating app

    Hi, i have updated my ipad 10.5 to iOS 11. When a app is open in full screen and another app is floating, how can i maximize the floating app to use it in fullscreen? I couldn't find it out. thanks in advance.
  11. B

    iOS in the Classroom: first impressions

    I'm a high school teacher and have been mirroring my iPad screen via AppleTV for several years. All my students have iPads, too. Works great and allows me to walk around the room while teaching. Two things that have really annoyed me about iOS 11 thus far: 1. To disconnect screen...
  12. R

    Anyone else hate the new multi-tasking?

    Previously you just: (1) swipe from the right. (2) swipe from the top to pick an app you want. Easy. Done. Now, you: (1) Swipe up to reveal the dock (2) Find the app in the dock (what if I want to open something not in the dock?) (3) Hold down on the app and wait until it becomes movable. (4)...
  13. G

    Apple Pencil and multitasking

    hey guys, Anyone running into trouble using the Apple Pencil while interacting with multitasking... seems like I should be able to make the dock appear or resize the split screen using the pencil but it’s not working for me...anyone having similar issues? Hope that Apple fixes this with the...
  14. B

    Start multitasking from Dock only?

    Ah, just found it! You can drag every app over another one to open them in multitasking. Thanks for listening though ;-) ---------------------------- Hi there, am I right that you can drag apps into multiple windows sessions from the dock only? This is really quite a drag. In iOS 10, you...
  15. joshuad11

    iPad Pro Multitasking in Portrait Mode

    When will we have the ability to run two apps on top of each other on iPad Pro in Portrait mode. I use my 9.7" iPad in landscape mode for most tasks, but I can't run two landscape apps on the 12.9" Pro. Why?!?! iOS 12? Seriously...
  16. BigAppleNYC123

    iPad iOS 11 Question

    Lets say I am in an app which does not support slideover, such as Google’s Inbox. Imagine I have dragged iMessages onto Inbox so it hovers over Inbox. Imagine I then switch to safari If I then hit iMessage in the dock, it brings me back to Inbox with iMessage hover, instead of IMessage in...
  17. Lion007s

    Has the 3D Touch App switcher returned? UPDATE: Intentionally removed

    I heard it was removed in beta 1 and possibly may have been a bug. Is it back in beta 2? It's my favourite way on iOS 10 to switch between apps or pull up multitasking view on my 7 Plus. Love just 3D Touching on the left edge of the screen.
  18. S

    Two windows of the same app side-by-side

    One multitasking feature that I've been waiting for in iOS is the ability to have multiple windows/instances of the same app open. Is there any indication that this will be possible in iOS 11, with new APIs for developers? I'm specifically interested in having two instances of the same app...
  19. Hym tix

    Split-screen multitasking could be so much more

    I have a 12.9 iPad Pro on iOS 10. It is mostly a great experience and improvement, even coming from iPad Air 2. However, one feature leaves me constantly frustrated: split-screen is side-by-side only. I am so baffled that Apple didn't implement split screen for top/bottom use while holding...
  20. D

    iPhone 7 app switcher animation bug

    Whenever I double tap the home button to open the app switcher in landscape mode, there's a glitch in the animation. It only happens on my iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but it doesn't happen on my iPhone 6s. I tried restarting my phone to factory settings, and I tried restoring from a backup, it still...