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  1. mafalb

    iPad Air iPad Air 2020 multitouch issue

    Is anyone out there experiencing problem with the multitouch of the new 2020 iPad Air? Occasionally I noticed the gestures didn't come out as smoothly as I meant them to be, though what really made me realise there was definitely something wrong with me iPad were Notes, Jamboard and Goodnotes...
  2. Kyle023

    iPhone XR All of Iphone X, XS, XR, XS max have a multitouch issue

    Hello. I'm an user of Iphone XR in South Korea. Recently I found that all of Iphone series from Iphone 6s to XS max have an error on its touch screen. This touch error appears especially when you use software keyboard. While you keep touching middle line in the keyboard such as "ASDFGHJKL"...
  3. Risco

    New multi touch driver for Windows Bootcamp!

    Just found this, unfortunately it is not currently supported for my Mid 2014 MacBook. However the video below it gives smooth pinch zoom, and various other native style gestures.
  4. F

    Did they break the 3-finger-tap dictionary shortcut?

    For years one of my absolute favorite things about the Mac trackpad was being able to 3-finger-tap while hovering the mouse over a particular word, and then the Mac would define that word for me in a small pop-up dictionary window. It seems that after Sierra, this feature broke for me. Now it's...