1. K

    iPod touch iPhone + iPod Touch combo?

    Anyone here uses an iPod Touch alongside their iPhone? If so, how are your use cases with them? I know iPods are not really a thing anymore in 2020 and the tech itself is very outdated. But for me personally it has a nostalgic value to it. It was my first ever Apple device as a kid and I’ll...
  2. S

    iMac G3 DV internal modifications

    Hi, I have recently acquired a motherboard for an iMac DV from eBay. I have found instructions to add an ATX power supply and VGA monitor, but I would like to add more modifications. A few years ago, I made a guitar preamp for my Mac Pro and I would like to build this in to my iMac mod...
  3. purdnost

    Smart Playlists - Sort by Year?

    I've created smart playlists to group music from different decades (70s, 80s, 90s...). The rules for the playlists involve a date range (1990-1999). However, the music within these playlists are not sorted by year. They're all mixed up. I would like them to be sorted by year, ascending. Is there...
  4. Piipperi

    Music app missing all album art

    I've had this problem ever since updating to Catalina last year where a lot of my album art was missing. I recently got a bit annoyed about it and decided to go around and look for a fix. I found some tutorial that said that I would need to remove some 3 files from...
  5. Behnam Afshar

    2013 vs 2015 vs 2017

    Hello to you all hope you are keeping it safe. Since i have been creating more music in this quarantine my 2010 macbook is going on my nervs giving me the system overload message, so wanted to ask you guys about the config which one is better for me to buy since i want logic pro x to do its best...
  6. N

    iPhone 7(+) .

  7. throwaway738382

    New songs won't copy from music app on Macbook to music app on iPhone

    iPhone 11 and Macbook Air early 2014 I've recently stopped being able to sync my music from the music app (Catalina, so basically iTunes) to my iPhone. These songs weren't purchased on iTunes, most of them were downloaded from the internet (let's not get into legal and ethical issues here...
  8. haralds

    Sync Music and iTunes Libraries to iCloud without duplication?

    I have a very large library that is carefully curated and synced to iCloud (iTunes Match.) I recently migrated my main computer to Music and TV. On my laptops I do not start out with local music and just download as needed from iTunes Match/Apple Music. I have a duplicate library running under...
  9. Dave Wehr

    Playing Music from Siri Watch Face

    the Siri watch face will suggest music and when I tap it I get an option to play on iPhone. Every time I do that it says there was a problem.
  10. Codpeace

    MP All Models Question about RAM and the new Mac Pro

    Hey, so I’m an enthusiast and super excited about the new Mac Pro. I’m reading all I can about it bc it’s fascinating to me how much creative folk (who are my clients; I’m a lawyer who advises artists, filmmakers, musicians, etc.) are craving this machine. I have no need for a machine like this...
  11. S

    Music app, missing artwork

    I recently made a clean install of Catalina on my iMac 2017. Way to much problems updating from Mojave to Catalina. I always keep my itunes library files and music on a separate external HD. After importing the XML in the new music app, can't figure out how, but I 'm missing all my artwork in...
  12. K

    Song sorting not syncing with Catalina

    Before Catalina, the songs on my iPhone's Music playlists were sorted by last played date. After Catalina, the songs on the iPhone are now sorted by Artist in reverse alphabetical order, but this is not how they are sorted in macOS Music app. What is going on here?
  13. robertcoogan

    iTunes for Windows

    Is it possible to migrate the new media library under Catalina (for music, the old iTunes library) to iTunes for Windows? I am just not feeling the fractured life under Apple’s new media design.
  14. F

    HomePod On the HomePod, can you play music as a wake-up alarm?

    This wasn't possible under the initial release nearly two years ago, it was still missing in the iOS 12 update, and now that we have iOS 13 is this STILL not possible? What I want is a way to say, "Hey Siri, play my Morning Playlist at 7:15AM." Interestingly enough, my $30 Google Mini can do...
  15. MushroomMan

    Move Music (iTunes) Library to External Drive

    I am now running Catalina. It has been about 10 years since I last moved my iTunes library onto external drives, and back then I just made sure I had the 'XML' file in the same place as all my music and things seemed to work fine. I have heard with iTunes now being called 'Music' and...
  16. Jupiter-8

    iMac Pro iMac Pro Vega 64X fan noise?

    Hi everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster. How does the Vega 64X impact fan noise in the 8-Core or 10-Core iMac Pro? I’d love to hear from anyone using this config, especially for music production and design related work. A bit of background… After weeks of research, I'm about to pull...
  17. ?

    iPhone Where is upcoming music in the new music app?

    I was forced to update my phone to iOS 13 due to some issue with my phone screen and apple wiping it. Now, I cannotswipe down on the music app to reveal the upcoming music. I used this all the time. Why has apple removed it? Even have Apple Music and everything, and now theyre basically making...
  18. M

    HomePod HomePod question

    Do the other people in my home (invited via the Home app) see which music I am currently listening on my HomePod?
  19. S

    Series 5 - How Much Music Storage Space?

    Can anyone advise on how much music storage space there is on the series 5? I had a series 2 and you could only save up to 2GB of music directly on the watch. It is my understanding that the series 3 and 4 had the same limitation, even on the 16GB models, though I may be mistaken here? Has this...
  20. Sunshower

    Which MBP to upgrade to for music production/photo editing

    Hello! I'm looking for some buying advice from you lovely people. A bit about me and my use: I'm a music producer (Ableton) and amateur photographer (UK based) and use my laptop as my personal and occasional work computer (I am a researcher and writer so use a lot of pdfs, browser tabs). I also...