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  1. Dandoodle

    Apple Music Spotify hifi

    With Spotify announcing hifi, are we likely to see Apple announce a new hi def music streaming service? Never mind all the podcast content coming to Spotify
  2. kwetal

    Music app in Big Sur - cuts off start of songs, won't recognize anything in folders

    Since upgrading to Big Sur the Music app has started cutting off the first few seconds of songs -- on the computer and also on the iOS devices it syncs to. I've tried all fresh downloads, I've tried a new library, I've tried a new user. (I do NOT have "Crossfade" enabled.) I am wondering if...
  3. H

    Apple Music crashes all the time, since 10.15.7 (19H512) update (?)

    It didn't crash immediately after the security patch installation so I don't know whether it has anything to do with that. Anyhow, I cannot play music anymore (for longer than perhaps a few minutes) from the iCloud. Any ideas what might cause this? I'm running late 2013 iMac and can't upgrade to...
  4. MiniApple

    iTunes movies/tv/music library permanently on external SSD? HD/4K, Dolby?

    first time MacOS user soon, switching from Windows10 Setup: M1 Mac Mini External 2TB SSD connected with USB-C as far as I am aware iTunes movies and tv episodes are saved in HD 1080p only when downloaded locally, even if you have bought 4K versions. Is this still the case? Will the sound...
  5. D

    Put newly purchased songs at the beginning of a playlist.

    Each year I have a playlist where I keep the newly purchased/ripped songs. I prefer to have them at the top/beginning of that playlist so I can access them quickly, but dragging them to a playlist puts them at the bottom of the list. Is there a way to place them at the top/beginning of a...
  6. D

    Internet Radio in Music

    There used to be an "Internet Radio" section in the iTunes sidebar; how do I find those without an Apple Music subscription. I can access the ones I placed in a playlist, but I cant find the master list. I'm currently on Catalina, but will have BigSur on my M1.
  7. MsAMG

    HomePod HomePod Mini + iTunes library + Mac

    hello Question for HomePod mini users. The music I have collected across the decades (uploaded cds, iTunes/Amazon purchases, independent downloads, etc) are all in the iTunes library on my 2013-build iMac .... I am not always at my desk, my Mac is often 'asleep' ..... would a HomePod mini be...
  8. antzona

    Sync Music Library between Macs

    I bought a new Mac mini that I am using at home, and I would like to keep the music library synced with the music library on my MacBook Pro. They are both running 11.0.1. I buy music from various services like Bandcamp and use download codes from vinyl records. I'm hoping to avoid having to...
  9. christianji

    Album Art Screensaver not showing anything

    Hi, anybody here using the album art screensaver in Big Sur (or Catalina - has not been working there as well)? It does not show any album art, although my Music library contains 700 albums - almost each one with a cover picture. When the screensaver kicks in it says something like "there is no...
  10. G

    Home sharing woes on Big Sur

    I am running Big Sur on my 2017 MacBook Pro (v11.0.1). I am running High Sierra on my 2011 Mac mini (v 10.13.6) Home sharing is fully enabled on both devices, yet I cannot see the Mac mini Library in the MacBook Pro Music app. The MacBook Pro is running an iTunes Match based library with all...
  11. S

    Viewing files in Trash on External Hard Drive

    Trying to view files in the trash on an external hard drive. I keep my Music Library on a new external HDD formatted with APFS. Some times, when I delete a track from Music, I get the option to "Move item to Trash" or "Keep File." Other times, I delete the track, it gets removed from Music but...
  12. B

    Apple Music Apple Music doesent show all Albums of an Artist

    Hi there! Since a few days, Apple Music doesent show all Albums of an Artist. On apples side, not in my Library. If I go to „most popular songs“ and then show albums I see all of them on „other albums“. can someone check please? For a test: search the band „tool“. I only see one Album. Or...
  13. D

    iTunes - duplicate music

    Most of my songs in iTunes on Mac are duplicated for whatever reason. I use Apple Music but also have some songs from local storage. Sometimes both copies are playable, sometimes one of them is greyed out. When I look at the cloud column, one copy says "Removed from iCloud" and the other one...
  14. Z

    iPhone Does Apple Music still ruin album artwork

    Most of my music is my own or from my old CD collection I took a free trial of Apple Music and found throughout my collection the album artwork had been replaced by the wrong album artwork, sometimes even the wrong artist. Years later I am still finding wrong artwork in my collection. Does...
  15. Shoghunuk

    Apple Music Quality

    I recently posted this query on the official Apple forums but it got removed. I don’t know why but it’s in their Terms and Services that they can remove any post. Maybe someone can help? I queried: why in the age of 5G, increased storage space and unlimited data do the songs on Apple Music...
  16. Wiencon

    Universal Plum Music Player - free alternative music app for Spotify and iTunes (no ads, IAPs available!)

    Hey guys, meet Plum Music Player, a new app that offers fresh take on music library management and playback by offering extensive sorting and filtering options as well as many awesome ways to manipulate the playback queue. Unique features: Spotify and local music from iTunes in one app...
  17. Wiencon

    Universal Spotify and iTunes in one app - Plum Music Player

    Spotify is a great platform, with awesome curated playlists and music discovery algorithms, but I always thought that their mobile app had a pretty, yet not very intuitive interface and that browsing music saved in library seriously sucked (as I’ve seen, it’s not exclusively my opinion) So I...
  18. A

    When sorting MP3s a separate album is made

    So for the past few weeks I've been getting this error when I put an mp3 and add it to an already existing album it creates and entirely separate album of the same name and info. It only does this with MP3s no matter what artist or album. I noticed it did this even before updating to a newer...
  19. C

    Home app keeps asking me to Sign in to Apple Musoc

    Anyone else have this issue? I have two Apple ID accounts: one for iCloud and one for the App Store. Not sure if this is causing the issue.
  20. W

    Serious issue with last several seconds of songs repeating. Seems to be metadata-related.

    So I first noticed this on my iPhone but I've now pinpointed it down to what seems like the metadata in the mp3's themselves. If I'm playing a song, once it gets to the end it hangs at "0:00 remaining" and then jumps back several seconds (sometimes up to 10 or 15 seconds), replays that last...