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  1. S

    iPhone Cloud Radio - Record & Lyrics

    The only App on iOS that let you record, split & tags song from online Radio check it out : AppStore Please visit our website for more informaiton:
  2. M

    macOS Ventura (13.x) BETA: Pro Music App Compatibility

    Has anybody who uses their Mac for music creation installed the first Developer Beta? If so, which pro music apps/plugins are currently confirmed working? Here are some that it would be great to pool information on (given that each year it's a toss up if they stay working): Logic Pro X UAD...
  3. F

    networked drives with Music

    MP3,1 has 4 int drives running High Sierra via dosdude. 2 drives have the music on them. The MP3,1 is networked to a MM8,1 on a 5 port unmanaged TP switch. Music runs on the MM on Big Sur. Music intermittently drops or freezes the stream. I've checked the drives and no mechanical or other...
  4. purdnost

    Apple Music Possible to Search Music by Decade?

    I want to create a playlist of all the ‘90s music in my library. Is there an easy way to do this on a mobile device, or so I need to use Music on macOS?
  5. M

    ALAC tracks with multiple artists tags. 2nd artist ignored by Apple Music.

    When ripping to ALAC I have used 'artist 1 ; artist 2' to seperate multiple artists. When I load the ALAC tracks into Apple Muisc, the second artist is completely ignored. Apple Music only displays the first artist. So I am having to go back and change all of the tracks back to 'Artist 1 Feat...
  6. E

    Audio source bug present for years. Is there any way to fix the audio source changing after watching videos?

    This has been bothering me for years through various iPhones and OSs - when I get in my car and the iPhone connects over Bluetooth, the audio source will have changed from what I last listened to in the car at least 50% of the time. It just dawned on me what the source of this reproducible bug...
  7. K

    Need help finding a song

    I need help finding a song it's techno/EDM style music. I know that it had whistling in the intro and it repeated it like 3 times before actually getting into the song itself I don't remember if there was lyrics all I remember is the tune of the whistle and it's been driving me crazy.
  8. M

    Other How much music do you have in your phone?

    Hi, I have 104gb of music on my 6s+ 128g and it's time to upgrade. Problem is I can't decide whether to get the PM13 256gb or 512gb.(Can't wait to purchase the music on my Apple & Apple lists). I've purchased the 256gb in Sierra Blue and the 512gb in Graphite and I've 7 days left to decide! o_O...
  9. M

    Apple Music Why is FLAC supported on Mac but not iOS / iTunes / AppleMusic?

    I was trying to find out if FLAC was supported on any Apple devices and I came across this article: that stated: What exactly is the reason for this? Why support it on Mac but...
  10. J

    iCloud Music Library tags reverting deleted items returning

    For some reason the last few months my Apple Music has been a disaster as far as Metadata and tagging has gone. I have iCloud Music library which seems to be the issue but this is not a problem I’ve ever had before. I’ve kept an almost perfectly tagged iTunes / Apple Music library for over a...
  11. vagos

    Beginner question about composing music on the mac

    Hello people! I'm planning to compose and produce electronic music on the mac and I'm looking for some great and (hopefully) easy to use software. I'm not planning to record live instruments, only use ready made samples. I got a midi keyboard which I'd like to use as well. What software would...
  12. AjTee

    AirPods Max quieter on MacBook Pro then on iPhone

    Hello, I am owner of AirPods Max. I have connected them to my new MacBook Pro 14" with macOS 12.1. I have noticed that sound on them is quieter then when they are in use with iPhone 12 Pro with newest iOS. I have noticed it in Music app. Volume is maxed out on them in system and in Music app...
  13. thmusic7

    Ready to upgrade my Mac and need some advice.

    Hi. I am a professional Music composer and producer. I need to upgrade my equipment for memory and performance sake. I'm on a budget of $1,200, but willing to spend a little more (or less??) to get what I need and want. Here's what I have right now. A mid 2012 MacBook Pro at 2.9GHZ DUAL CORE...
  14. purdnost

    Handoff Bug - iPhone Screen Blur

    I’m curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue. When using Handoff to transfer music from my iPhone to my HomePod mini, the Now Playing screen on my iPhone goes blurry and I have to lock and unlock my phone in order to get rid of it. I’m running iOS 15.0.2.
  15. GSWForever8

    Universal Export Spotify to music app

    Does anyone know how to export Spotify to the music app? I do not have an Apple Music subscription. I tried using songshift but it requires an Apple Music subscription to export it to Apple Music. Does anyone know how to do this?
  16. PinkyMacGodess

    iPadOS and enterpreting the icons in the Music app

    So, do the icons in the highlighted area signify that the tracks haven't been downloaded to the iPad yet? I'm kind of stumped with these new icons they are using. AND, if they aren't downloaded, how can I get my iPad Mini do download all of my available music? I remember there was a setting...
  17. purdnost

    Adjusting Downloaded Music Quality

    Settings > Music > Audio Quality > Downloads Will changing this setting affect already download music, or just my newly downloaded music? Wondering if it’s necessary to re-download after making the setting change.
  18. purdnost

    Downloading Apple Curated Playlists

    If I download an Apple curated playlist in Apple Music, such as New Music Mix, what happens to the downloaded music next Friday, when it’s updated? I’m assuming the new music will be downloaded. Will the previously downloaded music remain downloaded, or be deleted?
  19. Mr. Dee

    Glitchy audio in apps Music and Spotify when typing

    I started noticing this yesterday, when typing in any web browser (Safari, Chrome or Firefox), audio playing in the background (Music or Spotify) glitches out. Anybody else noticing this? its not as severe in Safari, but its really bad in Chrome and Firefox). I noticed its becoming more apparent...
  20. haralds

    Apple Music Correct Cloud Status? Local Matched files not appearing as local after reindex

    I have a pretty large library for over 50000 tracks. Since it was in disarray after many years I decided to re-index the lot. I have most of the problems resolved but a sizable number of tracks that are local show as NOT downloaded. Is there a way to correct it en masse? Does Doug have a script?