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  1. carcarano

    iPod iPod nano 7th gen white lines all over screen

    Hi everyone. I have an iPod nano 7th gen, and I accidentally dropped it. Three days later, a white line appeared at the top of the screen. Then 30 seconds later, more white lines started spreading across the screen, then about 1 hour after the first line appeared, the screen went entirely white...
  2. VirtuallyInsane

    iPod 1st Generation iPod Nano

    Recently I picked up a 1st generation iPod Nano in decent condition with some accessories and the box. I charged it up and it's fine. It sounds pretty good too and is a nifty, portable device. I like it a lot, but I have a question of concern. I know there's a recall program for that certain...
  3. amethystjw

    Best way to sell an iPod collection?

    Fellow nerds! I developed a serious iPod fetish around 2008 and ended up collecting a bunch of them in varying condition from immaculate to heavily used. I have at least one of each non-iOS iPod ever made, so iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod shuffle in each of their generations. I've been...
  4. S

    iPod Why nano7 can’t use lighting earpods?

    how to get it?or we need a new system edition?
  5. EB-V10

    iPod Anyone had a 1st gen Nano replaced recently?

    Hey, I've got a couple of 1st Gen Nano's left over from the replacement scheme. I was swapping loads of them for new ones until they stopped it. Has anyone rung them up and asked for single units to be replaced? Just curious as to what Apple are offering now that the replacement schemes...
  6. M

    linux terminal -bash: env: No such file or directory

    Hi All, Following is the issue i'm facing. i'm new to the terminal and this linux env I tried to set the env variables on my mac for the ANT and MAVEN. something nano ~/.bash_profile and after logging back, my terminal always opens with the following commands and any linux command i run it...
  7. M

    iPod iPod Nano 6.gen volume problem

    Hi to all, I have a problem with my iPod Nano 6th generation with sound volume "up" button. When I plug original Apple Earpods, all is working fine as normally. I can turn volume down and up via remote on headset and also when I press volume buttons on my iPod. When I unplug headphones, only...