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new ssd

  1. T

    New SSD in MacBook Air 13" Mid 2013 - Can't install MacOS

    Hi all, because memory was running out I bought a new SSD (Samsung PM981 512GB NVMe M.2, with adapter) for my MacBook Air 13" Mid 2013 (A1466). Before the installation I made a TimeMachine-Backup on an external SSD. I also created an installation USB stick for macOS Catalina (is also currently...
  2. D

    New SSD on Early-2015 Macbook Pro 13"

    Hi everyone, I just upgraded from a SSD 128GB HD to a Crucial P1 500GB SSD using a Sintech Adapter. I plugged in a bootable USB Mojave flash drive and an external hard drive with a time machine backup and in MacOS Utilities the new hard drive is found. I have tried rebooting through the USB...
  3. tedwill

    Cannot Install Catalina

    Hello. I have an issue with installing Catalina on my 13” 2013 MacBook Pro. Two years ago, I upgraded the hard drive to a 1gb SSD (OWC Aura). When I installed other OS upgrades since then, I never had a problem. However, today, I received this error: MacOS cold not be installed on your...
  4. K

    MacBook Pro + new SSD = continious restarts?

    Hi, hope someone here can help me solve this: I have a 2012 MacBook Pro 16gb RAM, running the latest Mojave OS X. I had a 500gb SSD drive seemingly go bad. Replaced it with a new 500 gb SSD. Running fine until a few days in when screen goes blank and MacBook restarts then 5 seconds later...
  5. lantern

    Repair of late 2006 iMac w/ new ssd stalls while installing Snow Leopard

    RESOLVED Hi. I get a "There was an error while installing Mac OS X..." during install. I feel like I'm sooo close to bringing this imac back to life after weeks of struggle...but it wants to fight me at the last mile. It's a brand new ssd. Late 2006 iMac. 1GB RAM. 120GB SSD. I set the...