1. W

    iPad The iPad Pro is really starting to cause my Android and Windows fanboy shell to crumble.

    Originally from Reddit but no one seems to be responding there so... To put it shortly, since 2015 I've been known by everyone I meet as the Apple hater outlier, as most of everyone I knew had iPhones and Macs. Half of my extended family is South American in origin and a lot of them are very...
  2. jent

    Release timeframe for MBP and iMac?

    I was happy to see last week's refresh of the MacBook Air and Mac mini, and was wondering when you think the other Macs are due for an update. According to the MacRumors Buyers' Guide, the iMac should be having updates soon and is around it's normal timeframe for a new model. The MacBook Pro...
  3. A

    Macbook pro 13 Adaptors USB C!!

    I bought the new 13 "MacBook Pro and at the store they offered me their adapters which I sincerely find awkward and expensive. I was wondering if any of you can suggest me MacBook Pro adapters with the following USB, USB C, HDMI and SD SLOT use purely for work, need a reliable product...
  4. Apple_Glen_UK

    iPhone SE Buying an iPhone SE?

    I am looking to buy an iPhone SE and wondered if there are still any shops/websites where I can pick up a brand new one other than on eBay where I am a bit wary of some of the supposedly ‘new’ ones on there. I don’t like really big mobiles and – having owned a 5S – the SE size is perfect for...
  5. S

    New emojis missing

    Just updated to Mojave on my MacBook Pro and it seems some of the new emojis that are on my iphone are not on my mac. I tried restoring default fonts and it didn't help. I'm looking at imessage and new emojis are not on the list and appear blacked out in messages. They don't appear in the emoji...
  6. supergaia

    how can i have the new apple screensaver?

    Hi yesterday in a store i have seeing several imac with the last os and with some very cool screensaver like this i know for may users a screensaver is unless but i like them can i install them ? are they free? thanks
  7. J

    iPhone heat issue

    hi everyone. My new iPhone 6 with full brightness is heating up where the ear speaker is. It is not hot but very warm there. This issue goes away when brightness is around half. Is this worth me fixing, it’s a very unusual place for heat? Thanks
  8. S

    Future proofing your MacBook Pro?

    So a couple of things to start. I already purchased my MBP and an external monitor so this is more an academic discussion, for me, perhaps not for others that are still in the process of deciding which options to click when ordering their new 2018 MBP. I just enjoy the banter. Second, I know...
  9. F

    Should I use Time Machine on my new MBP?

    Hi guys. I currently have an Air from 2012 and today I'm getting a brand new Pro. I have a ton of files on my Air, so the easiest thing would just be to use Time Machine to get the new Pro up and running without losing anything. However, since my Air is so old, I don't know if there'll be a...
  10. rmg24

    How often does Apple release new color bands?

    I was wondering, based on previous years, how long will it take for Apple to release new colors bands (and cases)?
  11. T

    Other FIX? VZW connectivity + charging issues

    Hi all, Thought I'd share this bit of info regarding both Verizon LTE connectivity issues and the charging nonsense when XS Max is idle. Whilst I originally thought my unit was flawless, I realized that I was affected by both issues I mentioned above and have been debated here and beyond for...
  12. iAppleTom

    Mojave on Mac Mini Late 2012?

    Hello, I was just considering about upgrading the software on my Mac Mini Late 2012 from High Sierra to MacOS Mojave. I have a few questions to ask, if anyone would be kind enough to reply then it would be really helpful. 1. Will my Mac run faster, smoother, and more efficient being on OS...
  13. dan9700

    Other Here we go again, yellow tint Xs /Xs Max

    Always have this dam issue with every apple product, the XS Max is amazing screen size but I turned of True Tone and max brightness and its so yellow as I slightly turn the screen its so white and blueish why does this always happen it toke me ages to find new X last year that I was happy with...
  14. M

    'service battery' message for cycle count 129. New 2nd hand mac

    Hi, I just bought a second hand macbook air (mid 2012 - A1466 13") last week, and i did all the checks recommended to do online (including the Apple Hardware Test and checking the battery health - which both showed up as 'normal' and the battery cycle count was on 128). The mac is in perfect...
  15. lewis_cooper

    iPhone 8(+) Will Apple Swap iPhone 8 if new model launched shortly after?

    Hi all, As we all know, we'll very likely (almost guaranteed to) see new iPhones in September. My question is, do Apple allow you to return your newly purchased iPhone if a new model is announced shortly after you do so? For example if I bought an iPhone 8 on September 3rd and they announce the...
  16. M

    Does this geekbench rating tell us anything about future MBP updates?

    Came across this recently: Does this tell us an update is coming shortly? I had been under the impression we wouldn't see any MBP updates in 2018 and possibly 2019.
  17. K

    Brand new iMac 21.5”, 3.4QC, 32 GB, 1TB turned on first time all I see is black screen symbol

    spent way too much money on this computer. (First Mac) Took it out of the box, booted it up, black screen with that circle with the line through it. Tried the cmd R. Selected to reboot Hogh Sierra. Then it told me which drove to use, but there was no option to pick one... wth?
  18. ParaShot

    About AirPods.

    So basically I want to buy a pair of them. After WWDC and any news about AirPods I'm considering that AirPods are not the priority for Apple. Still concerned about September event but I think if there was something, they should've leaked like all other stuff. :D After all those months, is...
  19. D

    "New" iMacs?

    Just went to the Apple site and the iMac page is saying they are NEW? Have specs been updated? Not sure as I haven't looked in a long time.
  20. Z

    is my iMac never used before?

    When purchasing a new iMac, how can the buyer be certain or check to know if its brand new and not a used machine or a demo machine placed at some store? Obviously the iMac will not be purchased from some Apple store where things are totally legit and transparent, but from some reseller. So is...