1. T

    "Most Liked Posts" sorting in threads removed?

    Hello, I noticed that since the forums update the "Most Liked Posts" sorting is not displayed anymore. Is it definitely gone? It would be a shame as it was a great way to assess the general mood of the community on a given topic.
  2. A

    iPad Frame Sticker for iPad for covering the borders

    hello :) Do you know if there is a product for iPad like a sticker to put on the front side of the iPad around the borders? A bit similar like the stickers you put on the inside of the MacBook. Thank you :) Alexander
  3. L

    Apple rewriting some older apps with Marzipan?

    With the news that Apple would be bringing several iOS apps to the Mac with Marzipan, such as Music, TV, etc, I was wondering if this means that several older apps will be rewritten as well. I'm thinking of Messages, which is years behind on the Mac compared to iOS. but, this also includes...
  4. H

    General News+ does have the full version of WSJ

    There seems to be a lot of confusion on this. News+ DOES include the full version of WSJ but you have to search for it. The small section in the News+ tab only shows a few articles at a time. Here’s how you get the full version: On iphone: Open News+, click Following, search for the Wall...
  5. KenKong

    "Latest News" feed disappeared

    I used to be able (2weeks ago) to type "latest news" into the safari search bar on my iPhone, and be directed to a great graphical interface that had 3 images with news headlines, under 1 category - like world, or entertainment, science, technology, sports, or health. I could drag those 3 pics...

    General Shortcuts for Homepod

    Hi, Today I received my new Homepod, and so far so great! Ever since it was released I was in two minds about purchasing one. I was using a Google Home mini and while Google Assistant has some extra features that SIRI doesn't, I simply don't have a need for those, other than a few things I'm...
  7. iAppleTom

    Mojave on Mac Mini Late 2012?

    Hello, I was just considering about upgrading the software on my Mac Mini Late 2012 from High Sierra to MacOS Mojave. I have a few questions to ask, if anyone would be kind enough to reply then it would be really helpful. 1. Will my Mac run faster, smoother, and more efficient being on OS...
  8. stylinexpat

    Save all News for offline reading

    Is there a way to download and save all News Channels articles from your favorites for offline reading at a later time? Say you are about to board a flight and would like to read all the Channels you follow or subscribed to at a later time where there is no reception or signal. I know there is...
  9. Boomish69

    Apple news app side bar?

    I’ve discovered IOS12 version of Apple News now seems to have a permanent side bar listing my followed topics in landscape on my iPad Pro, can anyone tell me how to close this? It’s a disaster, I use this daily, but now have lost a 1/4 of the screen to a settings screen! WTH was Apple...
  10. spacemonk

    Universal 7 Web: An app to load multiple websites in one go. Useful for daily tech news reading

    I'm the creator of 7 Web. We all visit a set of websites multiple times every day like "MacRumors","Recode","The Verge" etc. But doing this in mobile involves using multiple tabs in Safari browser. The experience the not very pleasing. "7 Web" lets you choose your favorite websites and open...
  11. kamilsevket

    Feey News - Another Application for viewing news like Tinder.

    This is mine first application on iOS, so if you download the app and make a review I will be very glad. Thank you. ● Feey News is an application which shows each news inside of a card. If you want to add a news to read list you can swipe that news to right and it is automatically added to read...
  12. hotdwag

    Good news - Pro wins laptop of the year from Wired

    I get Wired’s point but it’s a bit silly. Apparently Wired named the iPad Pro the Laptop of the Year 2017. Good product but not an Apple laptop...
  13. jambruzon

    iPhone X - Food for thought

    I'm not a conspiracy theorist or anything but just had a thought........ What if all these story's we are hearing about low supply, short supply, delays RE iPhone X is coming directly from Apple, I mean let's be fair it's nothing but speculation at this moment in time...
  14. New_Mac_Smell

    iOS 11 PB2 News app not working, was before (China)

    Asking here incase anyone else has come across this, just updated to PB2 and my News feed is now displaying "News isn't supported in your current region". I use a VPN, no problems before, still no problems accessing Google/YouTube so it's not the VPN. Have tried HK/US/CAN and still no joy, and...
  15. workgames

    Universal Real Life Stories - Tales about Love, Book, Advice

    Download - Hi guys! Let me introduce my app - Real Life Stories - Tales about Love, Book, Advice Really thanks everyone who will downloading and review this app. Interesting stories happen not only to...
  16. R

    Bug in Safari

    So a couple of days ago Consumer Reports talked about the new MacBook and a bug in Safari though I haven't seen details about what the bug is other than something about a button. Anyway in my dev travels I may have inadvertently found it. If you turn on disable cache, and a website your...
  17. R

    Newstify - Better way to get news

    Hi All, I would like to present to you Newstify. Newstify holds the simple yet powerful idea of bringing the news to the user and not the opposite where the user looks for news. The app was released three days ago and already reached top 5 in USA under News category. The app is RSS based and...
  18. bdewalt

    Universal How do you get news on your iOS device?

    I've used Flipboard for a long time, and it's been good, but I've started using Twitter more, and realizing that it's easy to get the news from all of my favorite websites through there, at a quicker pace than Flipboard, or other news apps. On top of that, every story goes to Twitter, unlike the...
  19. klin505

    Colony FM - an app created by my friends and I

    Hey everyone, My friends and I created an app that narrates online articles blogs and news. Here is a link to the site: Here is a link to the app: This is like an alternative for podcast if you are on...
  20. HansumKingtut

    News app 'For You' Algorithms

    So in IOS 9.3, the 'For You' tab in the News app has been updated to have algorithms that better tailor articles to your taste. I like many of you other beta testers have probably been putting this to the test. In previous versions of IOS 9 I was reluctant to put channels and topics into my...