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night mode

  1. D

    iPhone 13 Pro - Dark pictures in night mode

    Hi all! Got my new iPhone 13 pro yesterday, and did some night mode testing. I compared it to my old iPhone 11 pro and the pictures taken with the 13 pro is noticeably darker. I have the exact same settings on the phones, and just for demonstration I turned the brightness gauge up to max when...
  2. G

    Other Understanding why Apple restricts Night Mode to its 11 series, unlike the Pixel series.

    (This isn't meant to be a iPhone vs. Pixel thing, just my desire to understand how a certain feature is implemented. At the end of the day, use whatever device makes you happy.) I'm wondering if someone can help me understand why Night Mode is available on the 11 series, but not on the XS or...
  3. K

    iPhone 11 Pro Max camera crashes in Night Mode

    So I'm having an issue with my iPhone 11 Pro Max camera. When attempting to take a photo in low light (where Night Mode activates), the camera app crashes each every time the shutter button is pressed. No other mode on the camera has any problems; wide, telephoto, ultrawide, portrait, videos -...
  4. PhillyGuy72

    XS/XS Max phone - Neural Cam ("Night Mode" app.)

    I saw this post on a YouTube video about the new 11's - but they mentioned this NeuralCam app - aka Night Mode Camera. I am sticking with the XS Max for another year, has another tried this app? It's $2.99, but how are the results. Good, ok..pixelated, a fraud & waste of money? I've tried...