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  1. AjTee

    Notifications that Airpods Pro has been detected on Big Sur issue

    Hello, I am getting continuous Airpods Pro detected notifications on Big Sur when I am playing music for example on iPhone. I cannot disable it. Is there any fix? Regards, J.
  2. Carlos ben Avraham

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Instagram and other app notifications not working

    Hello guys i have this problem : instagram notifications its not working, i have had this problem for a while now on IOS 13 and continue with iOS 14 beta, some help
  3. MentalFabric

    Notification spam – malware?

    A less techie family member keeps getting these notifications so I removed them in System Preferences but they've re-appeared. I think I also removed a browser extension first time around. I don't see any strange startup items or processes eating CPU. The Mac is running Sophos Antivirus...
  4. hofnar

    iPhone BeatsX connect window constantly pops up

    iphone XS Max 13.1.1 When my beatsx are connected the window you usually see when first connecting them constantly slides up from the bottom. The headphones never disconnect. Music will still be playing. But Ill be texting- it slides up. Emails- it slides up. A screenshot is attached to show...
  5. Pitbull Dad

    Text Notifications Not Showing on Watch

    Well I am having a day. I will try and keep this short. The watch gets the messages fine (shows them un-read in my inbox), but does not alert me when they come in. -my notifications are on (both in the app, on my phone and on the watch) -notification privacy is OFF - tried unsyncing the phone...
  6. M

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Gmail silent notifications

    Hello, I am did turn off sounds from gmail notifications in: SETTINGS - GMAIL - NOTIFICATIONS In this case when i get new mail, i have silent notification (without sound) in notifications panel, what is good. But when i get new mail iphone alway turn on display and show notification. Is...
  7. V

    gmail and native calendar app.

    Hello, When i add a a google account to my iOS device, the calendar invitations/notification won't show up in the native iOS calendar app in the inbox. So i can't accept or decline the meeting. I do see however a mail in the native mail app where i can accept the invitation, but this is super...
  8. BenjaminRF

    iPhone XR iPhone XR Lock screen notification long press to quick reply disabled

    Although I’m fully aware the new XR doesn’t have 3D Touch, all my other non 3D Touch devices like the iPad Pro 10.5 v2 for example, allow me to press and hold any notifcfication from the lock screen to quickly interact with it from the lock screen rather than tap on the notification to fully...
  9. S

    Apple watch cellular not gettting app notification

    Hi, I got nike apple watch 4 cellular edition and activated my esim card with etisalat. I am able to receive calls and sms message when i am away from my phone. But i am not getting third party app notifications. When my phone is near me, every thing is okay. Thanks
  10. Jay-Jacob

    iMessage and Apple Watch Notifications and Group

    Hi I am new with Apple Watch. I am wondering if there way mute or disable notification for iMessage group? Not all iMessage (I know how do that). Want able receive iMessage from everyone except for 1 group when they keep sending lot iMessage. Is that possible?
  11. Ish Rashad

    iPhone incoming SMS tone variance

    Hi - Apologies first: I'm finding it impossible to google an answer to this, probably because it is a slightly different issue/question... When I receive an SMS from someone, I hear the tone that I have configured. (Settings>Sounds & Haptics>Text Tone) .... that's fine If I respond, and they...
  12. jagooch

    Can I be notified by email or text when iOS 12 is released?

    I've been searching the wonderful Web for some method of getting an email or text notification when iOS 12 is released to the public and haven' t found one. In lieu of an official notification service, I guess I could write a script to scrape the Web pages of news sites looking for text that...