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notification centre

  1. B

    Reachability mode not functioning properly in iOS 11

    The screen still comes down when I double tap the home button but as I swipe down in the grey area to bring down notification centre (or cover sheet as they now call it!) nothing happens. It can only be accessed by pulling down from the very top of the screen. It only started doing this after...
  2. U

    Clearing existing notifications does not keep them cleared:reappear upon restart or lock & unlock

    It is expected that the notifications (of all Apps- Mail, Messages, Phone, Whatsapp etc) which have been cleared once from the Notification Centre (by pressing X at the top of Notification Centre, or by pressing 3D Touch on X>"Clear All Notifications") do not reappear subsequently. However, it...
  3. U

    Unable to slide down the Notification Centre after new installation of iOS 11 Beta 3 (15A5318g)

    I am trying to slide down and see the Notification Centre after a fresh installation of iOS 11 Beta 3 (15A5318g). However, even after multiple tries of sliding down from the top of the screen, the Notification Centre or the Cover sheet does not appear.
  4. joshuagershinson

    Mac Notification Issue

    Hello Lovely People, I was wondering if people here has been noticing the same occurring issue that I have. When ever I receive a Facebook notification it appears up to 60 times in the notification centre. Has anyone experienced and/or noticed this happening? Kind Regards Josh
  5. E

    Notification Center Crashing -Too Many Alerts!

    I have had Apple mail set to "Alerts" in Notification Centre (New Email creates an alert which needs to be dismissed). I had about 800 spam emails come in at once and now Notification Centre hogs the system resources trying to load all the alerts. It never manages to load them all before...