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  1. Carlos Rojas

    iPhone Instagram Notifications not working

    Hello Guys instagram notifications not working, i have had this problem for a while now on IOS 13 and continue with iOS 14 beta, some help PLS
  2. P

    Need A Simple iPhone "Macro" To Enable & Disable Notifications

    Hello, and thank you for reading this to help assist me in this. I am looking for a very specific request, and nothing that's alternative to my request, unless it is very simple and does exactly the same thing: I am looking for an automated method that would Enable the "Allow Notifications"...
  3. T

    Mail notifications

    Is there any way to make it so that I receive notifications for some email accounts, but not others?
  4. Z

    iPhone deleting them all

    How can i delete all the notifications that stack in my Home screen with one click?
  5. U

    iPhone Toggling Settings > Notifications > Mail > "Mail Account" > [Show Previews] > between "Always" or "When Unlocked" clears all mail notifications

    Issue: Toggling Settings > Notifications > Mail > "Mail Account" > [Show Previews] between "Always" and "When Unlocked", causes all existing mail notifications to disappear from the Lock Screen as well as Notification Centre of the iPhone - including those mail notifications which have not been...
  6. E


  7. T

    iPhone Notification Rant / Still buggy?

    Yesterday morning my dog sitter lost my dog after letting him out unsupervised in a non gated backyard. (Best sitter ever, right I know) (6:30am) I was notified by text and a push notification from the Rover app. (7:41am) I drove to the sitters house and joined them looking for my dog. They...
  8. M

    Chrome notifications not working in Catalina

    Hey all, if this has already been asked, or brought up, I apologize . I'm just trying to get answers as quick and easy as possible. I've had a really good and smooth upgrade to Catalina, however, one problem i can't seem to solve on my own is: none of my notifications seem to be showing up from...
  9. purdnost

    Reminders - Push Notifications for Shared Lists?

    My wife and I share a few different lists in the Reminders app. We're not on iOS 13 yet, but I'm assuming this applies to both iOS 12 and iOS 13. So, for example, we have a shared/collaborative Groceries list. My assumption was that, whenever either of us adds a new item, deletes one, or at...
  10. enacheionut1991

    Mail Notifications do not work (MacOS Mojave)

    Hello guys, I just bought a new macbook pro 13 a2159 model a few weeks ago, and since them I am trying to find a solution to my problem, but i fail to see anything helpful on the internet... So my problem is that i do not receive notifications pop-ups from the Mail app. I hear the notification...
  11. JennaDee123

    Safari Notifications

    Okay, so I got a brand new MacBook Pro a few months ago. I just started thinking about it the other day, "How do I turn on safari notifications for twitter, Pinterest, facebook, etc.? So I did some digging, and it shows that in the presences, you need to make sure the notification settings are...
  12. U

    iPhone Scheduled fetch and notifications not occurring for non push capable Favorited mailboxes in iOS 13

    Scheduled fetch and notifications not occurring for non push capable Favorited mailboxes in iOS 13 betas (17A5522f). This feature was available in iOS 12 where scheduled fetch and notifications did occur for non push enabled favorited mailboxes. If I don’t get scheduled fetch and notifications...
  13. S

    Messages question (your name was mentioned)

    Anyone know why I get a popup on my macbook pro saying "your name was mentioned in this chat" every time I receive a new message on a group chat in Messages even if my name is not actually mentioned? What is this feature supposed to do? If it's supposed to actually let me know my name was...
  14. T

    iOS Is it possible to get incoming/pending notification sources?

    Hi guys, I'm new to programming for iOS and couldn't find if such a functionality existed. I am basically interested in the following situation: You have a custom app running in background. In the meantime, let's say you get two sms messages, a WhatsApp message, and a missed phone call. I would...
  15. McCArch

    Notification bug?

    Occasionally I'm on a text string (thread?) where everyone is texting way too much and I don't want to be bothered, knowing I can catch up later. I used to be able to "Hide Alerts" on the string on my iPhone, and it wouldn't show a notification on my lock screen, and it wouldn't send any...
  16. TomFromAndroid

    Carrier No voicemail notifications on iPhone SE

    I have a new iPhone SE running the latest iOS 12.1.4. My problem is that calls that go to voicemail leave no indication that there's a message waiting...only that there was a missed call. The phone icon shows the red badge with a "1" but when I open the phone app there's no indication on the...
  17. ardo111

    Touch Pad Privilege?

    MacOS Calendar. A scroll wheel from a USB mouse works on everything except the Calendar app. You can use two fingers on the rMBP touch pad, but not a scroll wheel on a mouse. Why? MacOS Mojave notifications. You can grab a notification and slide it off the right side of the screen with a...
  18. vagos

    iPhone XR Volume of notifications too low.

    I got an issue with notification sound being too low in my XR compared to my previous SE. I got the volume turned up to 100% in settings > sounds > ringer & alerts, but still the notification sound is too low. The ringer volume is ok. Is there anything I can do to turn up more the notification...
  19. Lucian Hodoboc

    iPhone Facebook notifications issue

    Hi I've recently noticed an issue with the Facebook notifications since updating to the latest iOS version on an iPhone 8 Plus. It no longer displays the notifications from the previous day. I can only scroll through the notifications until it reaches the first one from the current day and then...
  20. M

    Resolved Notifications despite "do not disturb"

    The "Do no disturb" function is brilliant, except that notifications still appear on my home screen and in the notification centre. Is it possible to turn on/off notifications completely? I'd like to use my phone for non-communication stuff without being bothered by notifications and red alerts...