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  1. D

    Convert MP4, etc to DVD playing VOB/NTSC

    Hi, I only need to convert to make 3 DVDs for someone who does not have a computer, just a DVD player. I have not been able to find the software. Inexplicably, iMovie and handbrake don't seem to create output in the format. I googled around and I could not find anything. TIA. David
  2. M

    DVD Authoring Help??

    Hi, Can someone please tell me how to burn a DVD that will play in any DVD player? My situation right now. I have Toast DVD, the version thats for sale in the app store right now (07/30/2017), got that yesterday. I got the $15.99 Blu-Ray in app upgrade cause I hope to do this on Blu-Ray...
  3. WhiteKnightMac

    Choppy DVD Playback

    Please Help, it's driving me mad! Trying to burn a video file 720p <4Gb onto a standard Verbatim DVD(+RW) using Toast Titanium 15. The video file runs fine from the HDD before burning so I know its not the source file. So far I have tried: Slow burning speed (x2) Encoding to PAL and NTSC...
  4. Hajzenberg

    MB Pro 13 2016 nTB outputs 59Hz NTSC signal through Thunderbolt 3

    Today I tested HP S240uj USB-C monitor in store. It was connected through USB-C to my MacBook Pro 13 2016 nTB, but it was recognized as TV, and resolution was set to native 2560x1440 but at 59Hz and signal was NTSC. On darker parts of the screen we could see noticeable jittery vertical scan...
  5. K

    DV Capture problem

    Hello! I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I've been capturing batches of DV tapes on a Sony Digital HD Videocassette Recorder HVR-1500 using QuickTime to record and save the footage. I had an American tape and changed the system settings to "59.94i (J)" to process NTSC video, and once...