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  1. B

    Microsoft OneDrive for AVP

    Anyone know if MS is working on bringing OneDrive to the AVP? Having the Office apps is great, but kinda useless if I can’t access my files.
  2. D

    Does anyone run their office file server on a Mac and have it integrated with OneDrive or My Drive (Google)?

    If you do, I would like to chat with you. I run a small office (no more than two users at a time), and per requirement out of my control, I need to have all of my files backed up locally even if I already have everything backed up via cloud even if I have two cloud storages synced together. I...
  3. jent

    macOS pops up with window every now and then

    I'm on macOS Monterrey 12.6.8. Every now and then for a second or two I see a Finder window pop up, I think related to the security settings, mentioning that it is checking I have Microsoft Office 365 installed but I don't personally use the OneDrive app (I very occasionally use...
  4. GLTirebiter

    No longer able to copy link and share OneDrive folder from Finder

    Using OneDrive on my M1 Mac Mini, latest Ventura. Today I discovered that I can no longer right-click on a folder and generate a link to share the folder. I get a few Messages options, Airdrop, and a few other options, but absolutely no way to generate and copy a link. I can do this, however...
  5. GhostriderTC

    Best cloud app for Mac and Windows

    Hi have a Mac M1 (Ventura) which is my main development machine. I also have a Windows 11 desktop at home which I use as a backup and for all my windows dev. I am struggling to find a good fast cloud application (like iCloud or OneDrive) what works well on both platforms. I use iCloud for Mac...
  6. S

    Sync Issues with SharePoint/OneDrive on Mac

    I run a small business with about ten team members and we recently switched from Dropbox to Microsoft 365 as we were eager to take advantage of Microsoft’s live collaboration tools in Word and Excel. We all use Macs. We store our files on SharePoint sites, but sync those files locally to our...
  7. N

    iCloud iCloud or Microsoft 365

    I am really struggling to choose between ecosystems. I know a lot of people say that there is no need to choose and you can use whatever you want (right tool for the problem), but as I like to keep my stuff organized – I really need to choose. 😊 Now I am using iCloud+ with custom domain (also...
  8. GhostriderTC

    Mac M1 running Cloud Storage - which is the best IYHO

    I am a web/software dev and I have always been in the habit of keeping everything in the cloud for the ease of having everything accessible on any device (phone, laptop, desktop and tablet) and for backup purposes (and sometimes reverting to an older version). I have used Dropbox in the past but...
  9. Extrawdw

    A bug triggered by OneDrive might prevent you from restoring Time Machine backups

    The new OneDrive that builds on the macOS FileProvider API (which was forced by Apple deprecating kext) might cause an issue that prevents user from restoring Time Machine backups. Today I got my MacBook back from Apple Support, they somehow wiped my data for a Bottom Case replacement, which is...
  10. W

    OneDrive ZIP browser download slow vs individual files

    This is my first time starting a thread and I tried to find the relevant category where this should be placed but I can't seem to find the best one so if this is misplaced, moderators can go ahead and place this thread where it is actually suitable... I have been OneDrive Personal [free...
  11. B

    OneDrive on iMac

    I am having issues connecting my OneDrive account. When I enter my login & password it asks me to select a folder location. I have tried multiple different locations but each time I get a message saying "We cannot sync your "OneDrive xxx " folder. Please try again. I use my Mac for both...
  12. F

    OneDrive Not Syncing After MacOS Update

    Ok, so I updated my Macbook last night to the updated OS. Everything seemed to work just fine until this afternoon. I usually run two OneDrive accounts on my Mac. Only one (the personal account) is showing up. When I click on the OneDrive icon in the menu bar and go to "add account" nothing...
  13. circatee

    Windows 10 and Parallels

    With the latest Mac Mini running M1, has anyone here installed and is using Parallels (Windows 10)? If so, any issues? Also, does your model have 8GB memory or 16GB memory? Currently, I have a Windows desktop. But, looking to move to a Mac Mini, as primary. With that, the idea is to have a...
  14. C

    Moving OneDrive files to local storage or iCloud on iPad

    If i go to Files App and try to move a file (already downloaded) I don't have any option of move/copy etc. I tried the Documents app by Readdle, but same thing happens. Any help or tip? Thanks.
  15. C

    MBP M1 Battery Draining Faster than Expected

    Hi all, Haven't been active on MacRoumors for a very long time so I hope I am posting in the right place. I just bought a MBP M1 base model. Suffice to say that its battery is far superior to my older MBP 13" Early 2015 base model, which requires recharge after every 2-3 hours of normal usage...
  16. Mitthrawnuruodo

    OneDrive is using 30 GB Memory on a Mac with 8 GB RAM

    tl;dr OneDrive is making my Mac extremely slow, is there any way to make OneDrive work properly on Macs? Due to company (school) policies based on GDPR rules, we are forced to use OneDrive for all files that contains student information. Now, I do agree, in principle, that we should keep...
  17. Nodens

    OneDrive Files on Demand option missing

    Today OneDrive updated to the latest version (18.240.1202) with Files on Demand support. Changelog describes that this option can be found under General tab, however this option is missing for me. I'm running Mojave 10.14.3 on a 2018 MacBook Pro. I tried restarting but it didn't change anything...
  18. A

    uploading from MyCloud(Ext HDD) to OneDrive directly

    Hello, I've MyCloud 4TB and OneDrive for Business. I need to upload around 3TB directly from MyCloud to OneDrive. My MBP is only 256 so would take me ages to do it manually. I tried to change location through OneDrive app, but it doesn't let me pick up a folder except for its own folder. Any...
  19. jafico1

    OneDrive killing battery life on 2018 MBP 15"

    As the title says, my 2018 MacBook Pro 15" seems to have a bit of a problem with OneDrive syncing, with it being a massive battery hog. It doesn't seem to be slowing down the Mac at all. Initially, I thought it was just due to the fact it was syncing the files from the OneDrive server, but I've...
  20. glawrie

    OneDrive sync client useless on macOS... anyone know any workarounds?

    The OneDrive macOS / OS X sync client has been a bit of a mess for a long time. For example, an amusing bug report from 2016 triggered this statement from MS tech support "Unfortunately the sync errors reported by the OneDrive client are due to filenames which are illegal on the OneDrive sync...