osx high sierra

  1. seitsme

    does 64chars Telephone app comes with OSX HS

    hi all. Can anyone confirm that with the installation of OSX High sierra, an app called Telephone, is installed part of the package in the apps folder. Maker is '64 Characters'. I never noticed this app and today software update prompts me to update it. Not sure what it is and where it came from.
  2. seitsme

    Wubi Xing Chinese keyboard missing

    hello, I tried on high sierra latest ver, to add keyboard Wubi Xing (keyboard / language input source) to allow me to edit a chinese text, and cannot find it anywhere. I have a friend who has it though, not sure if it was apple supplied or not. May i ask, how can i copy this keyboard from her...
  3. seitsme

    Disk utility overallocation error with SSD

    Today i plugged in my ssd 128GB (plextor) mounted on an external usb enclosure to my macbook late 2009 running high sierra latest ver. i run disk utility and after i changed the mac's date to the current (as i did some repairs and switched off the power) to solve the first disk utility error, i...
  4. seitsme

    Macbook 2009: Plextor 128GB SSD problem & Samsung EVO 850 replacement

    hi all, I have a late 2009 macbook with latest high sierra on it. I replaced the bootable SATA hdd with a 500GB SATA disk as it failed. I decided to add a secondary hdd, a Plextor SATA SSD, model PX-128m6Pro firmware 1.02, dated 2014. on the DVD bay ! I installed osx high sierra latest as well...
  5. mia-rafael

    I Cannot download High Sierra updates due to proxy.privatoria.net on port 3128

    High I Cannot download High Sierra updates due to proxy.privatoria.net on port 3128 I don't have any proxy, I found this website privatoria.net but I have no idea what has to do with my computer, I use this program Little snitch and have been blocking all traffic to privatoria.net, I...