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  1. M

    M1 Air suddenly crashes Pages, Keynote

    today suddenly my m1 air (on 11.1) can't open Pages and Keynote (they crash immediately). Tried many restarts, updated Pages & Keynote but the problem is still there. Any idea what's going on? Thanks
  2. Apple Knowledge Navigator

    iCloud Should Apple be doing more to compete with Google Workspace, et al?

    iCloud has a lot going for it provided you're in the Apple eco-system, but when it comes to larger productivity and business-centric tasks, I'd argue that Apple's platforms just aren't as scalable. Regardless, do you feel that this is area Apple should try to improve? Would you pay money for a...
  3. T

    Anyone have any Pages templates for selling a car?

    the person I am selling it to needs a 'Bill of Sale' receipt in order to transfer the title and have found some forms online that say they are 'free' but when I download it they always cost money....
  4. jent

    Help converting Word newsletter to Pages

    I have a Word document that I duplicate and edit for a newsletter. The end result is a PDF, so it doesn't matter to the end readers, but I'd prefer to use Pages for editing new editions, however in opening the Word document, a few things end up being different. For example, in the Word...
  5. haralds

    Pages iCloud sharing does not support v8 and v10 even for simple docs

    It looks like iCloud document sharing with Pages requires Pages to be of the same version. I have an older MacBook Air limited to High Sierra, which means Pages is limited to v8. It was stopped from editing a doc shared from more modern systems. Does anybody know a work around apart from...
  6. M

    Why are Numbers, Pages, and related documents so large by comparison?

    I've noticed that taking a spreadsheet, word document, or similar from, say LIbreOffice, and moving that content to Numbers or Pages, the file size increases by a factor of about 20 times! For example, a simple word document takes about 20K, but that same document in pages is often around 600K...
  7. Jared Strike

    Pages Help

    I posted this in the AppleInsider message board but got no response, hopefully someone here can help.... Hey all. I have been using Pages since it was introduced and I could have sworn I have been able to accomplish what I am asking but now, I am not having any luck. How do you change the...
  8. N

    Adding footers with page numbers without affecting the text?

    Hi! I just edited a very long Pages document to the perfection. It's perfect in every way, the text on every page cuts nicely and continues on the next page. The paragraphs, the sentences and all the other things, they are just the way they should be. It was a day's work, but now it's done...
  9. makdeniss

    iPad Pro iPadOS (13) -> Pages app crashes on startup

    Hey! I can’t seem to open up Pages app anymore on my iPad PRO running iPadOS latest beta (in face any beta version). This works totally fine on my iPhone running iOS 13. Is anybody having a similar problem and can assist? Thanks in advance!
  10. grumpygrapefrui

    Pages refusing to launch after opening a word doc.

    A few weeks back I started having problems opening some word documents, Pages would just crash. I opened one a few days ago with no problem, but I didn't close the document before quitting Pages. Now when I try to open Pages it crashes before fully opening. I'm guessing that it's trying to open...
  11. T

    Pages in iCloud not Syncing !

    I don't know if this is the right thread but … Just wondering if anyone can help my issue with iCloud and Pages. I have a document I am working on in Pages. It is about 60,000 words or 80 pages. I work on two iPads (both pro’s ) and a MacBook Pro. Syncing between the 2 iPads or between the MBP...
  12. gebseng

    PAges 7.3 - little black dots in header and footer

    Hi everyone, My Pages (v 7.3) templates show three little black dots (like the dot on the i). One is centered right in the middle of the header, the two others are left and right below the footer. The dots are visible on screen, in the printout, and also ifI export a pdf. How can I get rid of...
  13. T

    iPad Updates for iWorks for new IPad Pro ?

    I would have thought that apple would have made a few tweaks to some of their core apps with the release of the new pro models. Obviously with the price increase ( and improved speed, storage etc) they are hoping to hit the corporate world. Why didn’t they tweet their core apps to help push...
  14. T

    Update for Pages

    Hello, I'm using OS X V10.10.2 and my version of pages is 5.5.2 (2020) I try to update the app and its not working, i need to update the entire version of the computer in order to update a new version of pages?
  15. M

    Desktop Switching Behaviour, not so friendly

    Is this expected/normal behaviour? Can it be changed? whats happening: - using pages in fullscreen on desktop 2 - switch to desktop 1 where I have two safari windows split vertically - another open pages document moves to front covering left side safari window - I use mission control to locate...
  16. thewhitehart

    Can't save PDFs to iCloud Pages folder

    I'm running macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 and the latest version of Pages, 7.0.1. I duplicated a .pages file to make edits and saved it as a new .pages file in the iCloud Pages folder. I then attempted to export it as a PDF, intending to save the PDF in the Pages folder as well. It wouldn't let me...
  17. agiannou

    iPad-Pages lost my text

    Why did my iPad suddenly lose alot of the text I typed? I was working on a document in Pages for iPad and flipping back and forth between apps. One time when I flipped back to Pages, it had suddenly lost a lot of the text I typed. Is there any way I can restore this text? Does anyone know why...
  18. R

    Clear recent docs on Pages

    On the Pages app it won’t let me clear this document from the recently opened documents list, it says it’s been deleted. Yes I deleted it but now I want to get rid of the document icon. Is there any way I can do it? iPad Pro iOS 11 latest version
  19. daio

    iWork Apps: New emojis not available in Pages

    Can anyone shed some light on this problem that I have. I'd like to use the new Scotland, England and Wales emojis in a Pages document that I have (it's a drinks menu where I'd like to show country of origin of certain gins). I can see the three aforementioned emojis in the list of available via...
  20. S

    Differences between iWork for iPad and macOS

    What are the differences between office suite iWork (Pages, Numbers & Keynote) for iPad and macOS? Is the iPad version good enough for college work or do you need macOS version for that?