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picture quality

  1. MiniApple

    iTunes movies/tv/music library permanently on external SSD? HD/4K, Dolby?

    first time MacOS user soon, switching from Windows10 Setup: M1 Mac Mini External 2TB SSD connected with USB-C as far as I am aware iTunes movies and tv episodes are saved in HD 1080p only when downloaded locally, even if you have bought 4K versions. Is this still the case? Will the sound...
  2. Sverkel

    Picture quality MBP vs. Mac mini

    Hello I got the new Mac mini some weeks ago and is very happy with it. There is only one thing that bugs me. I think the picture quality is worse than it was with my MacBook Pro 2016 (now sold). The MacBook Pro was connected with displayport 1.2 over a Thunderbolt 3 dock but the Mac mini is...
  3. ryansha5

    Let's talk External Displays

    So I am a data analyst and I would like to get a main display to hook up to my 13 inch macbook pro 2017 with touchbar. The issue is, every time I try a new display, I have issues with the picture quality, namely the text is funny. As I am staring at text all day for work, this is maddening! I...