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Jan 24, 2019
So I am a data analyst and I would like to get a main display to hook up to my 13 inch macbook pro 2017 with touchbar. The issue is, every time I try a new display, I have issues with the picture quality, namely the text is funny. As I am staring at text all day for work, this is maddening! I was looking into the ultra-wide USBC monitors but they are pretty pricey. Do I need a USB-C Monitor in order to have quality and smooth texts on the display? or can I get away with a display port monitor? so far all I've used are HDMI monitors and have been disappointed with the result.


Nov 2, 2018
I’m guessing the text doesn’t look crisp/smooth relative to the Mac screen because you’ve had low/“regular” PPI screens. Look for a 4K or 5K screen at whatever physical size you like.

I’d recommend DisplayPort or native USB-C connections over HDMI if you can.


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Sep 11, 2013
Are you running Mojave on non-retina monitor? If so, google mojave + subpixel antialiasing. There are ways to improve the appearance of text.
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