1. E

    What is the mechanism behind good color accuracy and bad pixel response time in mbp

    As we know well mbp 16 has terrible pixel response time and we feel it during scrolling a text or dynamic images... some people claim that this is due to good color production of pixels. So why does response time of a pixel get worse if it produces more quality colors?
  2. matovsky

    iPhone Vatnik: pixel art game

    Simple, but fascinating pixel art game for development of reaction and memory for the whole family. Dodge enemies, avoid obstacles and complete missions. All missions are different from each other. You will have artifacts that will give you time and units or take it. P.S. This game was "In...
  3. E

    Pixel walk and yellow tint on 2019 MacBook Pro

    Do you feel a visual problem that little vibrations/flickering on some pixels of screen. Not always same area but somewhere of screen and like these pixels refresh rate different from others for miliseconds and return to normal (especially the peripheral visual zone, around the point your eyes...
  4. E

    Screen flickering update on 2019 MacBook Pros

    Dear friends, i will be very pleased and thankful if you share your experiments because i am in very hard and annoying conditions, after years of waiting finally i have bought brand new 2019, i9, 15” MacBook Pro with 560x with my 3 mines of my wage. I knew the screen flickering issue since 2016...
  5. E

    Macbook Pro 2018-2019 screen flickering

    Dear friends i will be very happy if you answer and vote about the issue :( i usually experience pixel flickering on my 2019, i9, amd 560x mbp. Flickering is like vibrating pixels on some areas and moving style (not always on a constant area) and it seems like that pixels have different hertz...
  6. TrickyTreeRed

    Other Does the Pixel 3A compel Apple to release its own mid-range device?

    From the reviews I’ve watched and read about the Pixel 3A and 3A XL, Google could have a very popular phone on its hands. It has decent specs, a solid display, an excellent camera, a guaranteed three years of OS updates, an earphone jack (!), and it’s being sold at a very competitive price...
  7. DevANT_game

    Universal New online [FREE] [GAME] for iPhone/iPad - Battle Royale: Survival Arena

    Hello dear friends! :) We are a small team of indie developers. We want to introduce you to our new project! App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/battle-royale-survival-arena/id1438382134?mt=8 - here you can download our game This is a free game in the battle royal genre, where you and...
  8. chino-rican

    Pixel 3 XL growing extra notches

    At first I thought this was a joke. Well, it actually is pretty funny! https://gizmodo.com/delightful-google-bug-seemingly-gives-pixel-3-xls-an-ex-1830080828
  9. L

    Help Me Decide If I Should Switch!

    Typing this on the XS Max. Not liking that I'm experiencing issues with WiFi, especially given the price. I'm considering a switch to Android for my primary device. I'm fairly familiar with them; have rooted in the past, unlocked with various techniques from XDA etc. I've had Nexus 7 and 9...
  10. O

    Stuck pixel only when playing video?

    Hey, I have a 2011 13inch Macbook pro. When playing video on amazon prime or netfilx I have a stuck bright blue pixel in the top left of the screen. It disappears and works perfectly when I leave the video and also doesn't seem to appear when watching youtube or BBC iplayer. How can I fix this...
  11. Z

    facebook pic sizes

    I cannot understand the pixel sizes of certain pics that are published in fb, simply because when resizing the window the pics get larger and i cannot measure them. How can i found out what their sizes should be in the first place so i can upload them without being to small or large?
  12. V

    iPhone 8(+) Best way to switch from iPhone (with upgrade program) to Pixel?

    I got my iPhone 8+ in November or October as part of the Apple Upgrade program. I pay around $45 a month for this (instead of buying the phone outright) which is supposed to be for 24 months. I really want to switch to a Pixel 2 XL ASAP. What's the best option for doing this? I know I can cancel...
  13. SandboxGeneral

    Mobile OSs Some Generic Questions About Android

    I mentioned in another thread earlier today that I am probably going to switch to an Android phone after having iPhones for the past decade. I have essentially no experience with the OS and never paid much attention to it either, but I'd see or hear things on occasion. I am looking at going with...
  14. M. Gustave

    "Project Fi" viable?

    Browsing the Google phones, due to iPhone 8/X debacle, I see Pixels come with a "Project Fi" SIM card. It says $20/month and $10/GB, and my zip code is covered. I'd like to hear from anyone actively using this. So I can drop AT&T? How is the coverage? Are there any catches? Will it work with...
  15. C

    iPhone [Paid][GAME] The Last Journey of the Kormet

    Control the battle angel with side movement Kormet and take it back home in its last trip through different worlds with different rules. Fight against the unknown and learn what each of the blocks of the game does. - More than 50 different levels. - Cut, control space and time and and...
  16. S

    Will this MacBook do good? Is a dead pixel important?

    Hello. How good is this MacBook for studies, surfing the web, listening to music and maybe editing a video or two? (Low quality videos). Specs down below. I really want the MacBook to last a few years. MacBook Pro Retina, 2013. 8 GB Ram Intel Grapichs 4000 and Nvdia GeForce 650m Intel Core...
  17. S

    Will this MacBook do good nowadays? Also does dead pixels spread?

    Hello. How good is this MacBook for studies, surfing the web, listening to music and maybe editing a video or two? (Low quality videos). Specs down below. I really want the MacBook to last a few years. MacBook Pro Retina, 2013. 8 GB Ram Intel Grapichs 4000 and Nvdia GeForce 650m Intel Core...
  18. kkh786

    Phones Google Pixel 2 / Google Pixel 2 XL

    Ladies & gentlemen, So.. I was reading up on some Mobile World Congress (MWC) articles and I came across a statement from Rick Osterloh. Rick Osterloh is the head of Google's hardware department and he has confirmed during an appearance at MWC that the Pixel 2 was on the way. I take this as...
  19. D

    Next phone...

    So my phone is starting to die. Here are my top 3 choices, iPhone 7 plus, Google Pixel and Galaxy S7 Edge. What do you guys think?
  20. V

    Best Buy Black Friday $20 no contract android phone.

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/boost-mobile-lg-tribute-hd-4g-lte-with-8gb-memory-prepaid-cell-phone-white/5428602.p?skuId=5428602 For just $20, looks like a good wifi media player/iPod touch. It also has built-in FM radio and micro sd expansion up to 128GB. Built in storage is actually 16GB, not...