1. V

    EXPORTING Issue with Pixelmator

    Hi all, For some reason i'm not able to export nothing from Pixelmator. Whether I create a file or open an existing one, once i want to export it in any format, it gives me a message telling me that the file doesn't exist. Can somebody help? Thanks.
  2. Clancy Redbeard

    Importing photos into Pixelmator-resolution?

    I have many photos I want to use for a flyer I'll make using Pixelmator. I'll want to print at 300dpi. Some of the photos are 72dpi. Can I import those 72dpi and have them print at 300dpi AND have them come out looking sharp? Or do I need to use a program like Preview to change the images to...
  3. dylin

    Anyone mind giving feedback on my editing? :)

    Hello Everyone, I'm started getting into video editing as a hobby, and long story short I was looking for advice and some people to critique my work honestly and even point out the worst of it. I currently use my iphone 7 plus for filming use the filmic pro app have a cheap tripod use a...
  4. Debojyoti Das

    Photoshop Elememts or Pixelmator

    Hello all, So recently I have planned to switch to the Mac and I am planning to buy the new MacBook Pro as soon as Apple updates it with Skylake. Now I am facing this dilemma. I am a pro Photoshop user as long as PC is concerned. However I don't want to clutter my Mac with all those extra...