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  1. Tommaso Ammannati

    iPad Pro IPad Pro 11” 2018 - Screen Popping/Creaking Sound

    Hi everyone, I’ve had a perennial problem with my iPad Pro - already once replaced by Apple for the same reason. For whatever reason, there’s a clicking, creaking, or popping sound whenever the lower left corner (portrait mode) of the screen is tapped or pressed. From what I can tell, it feels...
  2. C

    macbook pro 16'' Poppping

    This sound makes me crazy. It's could happen in playing any music and sound. Has anyone encountered this situation?
  3. Dulcimer

    Do the 2017 MBPs still have hinge popping issues?

    The 2016 MBP I previously used had an annoying popping noise that occurred when the computer was under a high workload. This was a notable issue since many others complained about it online. I believe the leading theory was related to some sort of adhesive near the display assembly that would...
  4. A

    MacBook Pro with TB popping sound

    My main question right now is if anyone have already been able to fix or know what's this about? I have a 2016 15 inch MacBook Pro with everything maxout except the SSD. I only got 1 TB. I have seen some posts on the apple forums about this randomish popping sound that happens mostly when the...
  5. raduene

    macbook pro 15" 2016 display rattling and cracking sound from the hinge

    Hello, i have the new 2016 macbook pro 15" with the touch bar for about 2 weeks and i have some problems with it. one of them is when i shake it side to side i hear a rattling sound (i found out that is the light panel behind the display) and i want to ask if other 2016 mackbooks have this...
  6. M

    HELP! iPhone 7 facetime call crackling/tapping

    Hi everyone, I have an iPhone 7 256GB unlocked black with iOS 10.1.1 and this last week I made three facetime calls with three different people using the speakers on all three calls. Two of them have a crackling/tapping sound ONLY when the other person speaks. I was not able to locate exactly...
  7. S

    iPhone 7 plus audio popping and crackling.

    So, ever since I got my iPhone 7 Plus, every time I FaceTime (with someone who also has an iPhone 7 Plus), throughout the call there will be a frequent popping noise that kind of sounds like when you pull out your headphones while something is playing, but louder. He tends to use the speaker...