1. macduke

    iOS 12.1 beta insanity

    My iPhone XS has installed the 12.1 beta with no profiles installed. What?!? I put the iOS 12 GM build on my iPhone X. It was the only version of iOS 12 I’ve put on it. After a while I think it started prompting me for 12.1. I wasn’t interested in that so I removed the beta profile and turned...
  2. A

    Annoying Pop up when charging phone

    Hi, I don't know if this is the right forum. I get this annoying popups when i try charge my android phone using USB. There are as many as 20 pop ups in a row, and even after I disconnect they keep appearing. Anyone know how to disable this annoying pop ups? I might have messed it up when I...
  3. PinkyMacGodess

    Resolved Post activation of new iPhone, and iCloud has gone Nucking FUTZ!

    I'm getting endless 'Sign-In Required, Click continue and sign in to check for downloads' messages. I enter the password, and there is a message buried under that one with different verbage, and yet I can't get to it because one or more of the message I mention in this post immediately popup...