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Discussion in 'iOS 12' started by macduke, Sep 29, 2018.

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    My iPhone XS has installed the 12.1 beta with no profiles installed. What?!?

    I put the iOS 12 GM build on my iPhone X. It was the only version of iOS 12 I’ve put on it. After a while I think it started prompting me for 12.1. I wasn’t interested in that so I removed the beta profile and turned off automatic updates. It has prompted me some since then but I figured it would go away once 12.0.1 comes out.

    My iPhone XS arrived on launch day. I restored from backup. Everything has been fine for a week. Then suddenly it’s asking me to install the 12.1 beta and didn’t give me any option other than immediately or tonight. I tried locking and unlocking to escape, but that only gave me a few seconds until it popped up again. This gave me time to quickly open the settings. Automatic updates are off and no profiles are installed.

    At this point it’s important to note that my XS is not running the GM because there was no GM for the XS. It supports the new depth control and the GM doesn’t support editing those on previous iPhone models (it wasn’t in the GM to avoid spoilers).

    So I’m locked into either updating now or tonight. No other option. When I put my passcode in wrong several times for tonight it just locks me out. When I try to disagree with the user agreement it closes and then prompts me again. I can’t escape the prompt! So I tapped now hoping it would go away because surely it wouldn’t install without a beta profile installed, right? RIGHT?!?

    Wrong. My XS is now on 12.1 somehow. I hate everything, lol. Anyone else experience this? This kinda sounds like an exploit if you can get software to run without a profile signing off on it.

    So how can I stop future betas from installing on this thing?
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    One of two things happened. You restored the profile when you did the backup restore, or the backup contained the downloaded 12.1 file. I’m going to assume it was the former and the profile restored.

    Whenever a beta is downloaded that you don’t want to install, you need to go to Settings>General>iPhone Storage and manually delete the file. Then make sure the profile is no longer installed and reboot the device.
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    So you had the beta profile, and then deleted it. Did you reboot? Did the process start prior to you deleting the profile?

    I don’t think it’s an exploit more than the order in which things were done.
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    No, I made sure to remove the profile before upgrading. I don't like putting beta software on my phones these days. I only do GM builds right before launch, and then that iPhone goes back to Apple and they send me a new one on iUP.
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    Not sure if I rebooted after removing the profile. The backup was a fresh backup before transfer, and I had toggled it off earlier that day or something. I think the reason I turned it off was seeing that the 12.1 beta was out a couple days before and that never installed on my X.
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    Go to settings -> General -> iPhone Storage. Scroll down and you will see the update in the list. Tap it and delete.

    Then, go to the Profiles and delete the beta profile if it's there for some reason. Then, reboot your phone.

    All should now be good. :)
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    The exact same thing happened to me. No way to get rid of a profile that isn't there!

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