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  1. edtorious

    Portrait photos issues with iPhone 13 Pro

    So I took some portrait pictures on my iPhone 13 pro. I check the pictures on the Photos app on my Mac and for some reason when I click on the edit button, there is no option to adjust the Portrait mode. The pic is clearly tagged as portrait mode according to Photos. I checked my older Portrait...
  2. Risco

    iPhone 13 Photos taken with iPhone 13 (non pro) only!

    I have added a couple of pics below. Would love to see other non pro owners photos!
  3. Jay-Jacob

    Portrait Mode Export and Import (from and to Photos app)

    Hi I probably be unusual about this. I use Photos app on my Mac. I have 2 library. iCloud library and Mac library. End of year I export photos/videos from iCloud and save it on Mac library as backup copy with files names changes I do in Finder. I get new iPhone 12 Mini so that first time I get...
  4. iMacedonian

    iPhone Front facing portrait/bokeh effect on iPhone 8/Plus

    Hey guys. Is there an app that could add some software processing to the front facing camera on the iPhone 8 / Plus and even older phones? I really want a bokeh effect on my iPhone 8 Plus selfies.
  5. HappyDude20

    iPhone 7(+) 4K 60FPS is Equivalent to How Many MegaPixels on iPhone?

    Hello, I hired a photographer for a photo shoot but they cancelled on me last minute and now I have some lighting equipment and my iPhone 7+ instead of their pro camera gear. Nevertheless I need to take a couple of portrait type photos of myself and figured my iPhone 7+ is more than capable...
  6. davidjearly

    Photography Portfolio Site

    I wanted to share my new photography website - Dearly Photography. I'm at the stage where I'm happy with the structure and will now be adding to the content and blog as I push it further. My aim here was to reflect my aesthetic photographic style on my site, with the focus remaining on the...