powerbook g4 15" dlsd/hr

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    A good battery for a DLSD PowerBook G4

    Greetings everyone! My DLSD 15" PowerBook G4 came with a battery that I tried many times to revive. No matter how long it was plugged in, the amber charging light only came on occasionally and for about 1 minute. The menu bar said "Battery not charging". Recently I bought a used battery: it's...
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    Another one added to the herd

    Still doing a Carbon Copy of my 12" Powerbook G4 to it so pictures will be up tomorrow but I finally found a Powerbook G4 15" , 1.67 Ghz , yup the High Resolution one , A1138 in pristine condition , not a single scratch or dent, only the battery is as good as dead , 2 GB RAM & 80 GB HDD. Been...