1. Mr. Dee

    Appreciating my PowerBook G4 Titanium

    I noticed older G4 PowerBooks such as the Titanium are becoming very rare, hard to get, expensive collectors items. Its like if someone comes across one, they will snatch it quickly or pay a bit of a premium for it. Due to the pandemic, I have become circumspect with how I spend disposable...
  2. Rikintosh

    PowerPC G3 Daughter board Problems

    I have some G3 Lombard Powerbooks, and some of them have a problem with the daughter board, I'm sure it's this board, because I removed the same board from another drive to put in the faulty drive, and it worked perfectly. But I don't want to have to throw away these defective daughter boards...
  3. Resident007

    A battery-related question regarding Aluminum 1.5GHz PBG4 15''

    Hi! I bought a 15'' PowerBook G4 model A1095 (1GB RAM, 1.5GHz G4, backlit keyboard, 80GB HDD) and it has the following problem: it doesn't charge the battery (as shown on the screenshot, it says "Charging: No") and also it doesn't take power from it (if I unplug the power adaptor, it shuts off...
  4. B S Magnet

    Has a battery charger utility/manager for Mac laptops (PPC or early Intel) ever existed?

    This question seems kind of far-fetched, but I have to ask nevertheless, especially considering the prevalence of Li-ion batteries being prone to damage (including swelling) or failure, when left plugged in to a charger at maximum charge for extended periods of time. Also, considering the...
  5. Z

    PowerBook G4 external display hack

    Hello all, I have a 15" Alu PowerBook G4 1.5-1.67GHz in near to max configuration, and I'm trying to use it like a mac mini – I'm very satisfied by internals, ports and power consumption (compared to G4 mini). Unfortunately due to my limited desk space and all cable connections present I cannot...
  6. Doq

    AirPlay doesn't work on a G4. Why?

    Okay, I've perused Google enough, time to ask the experts. I've got a PowerBook G4 here (my A1046) that I recently upgraded to the latest Leopard, with all updates applied, for the purpose of using it as a music box to blast to a Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air that I recently acquired. Now, the G-17...
  7. A

    Help! Worn-out TiBook won't boot

    Hi everyone! So got myself my second TiBook (the other is in my apartment, this one at my parents place) for 15€. So not a lot of money, but in the seller's blurry pictures it actually looked quite good, just said "untested because no charger". So I got the computer; it's (like most TiBook out...
  8. Mr. Dee

    PowerBook G3 to M1 MacBook Pro - We sure have come a long way!

    I have to admit, this something I have been looking forward to comparing. Although they are not technically equals since the Wallstreet predates OS 10.0 by a few years, its a G3 that's a supported model. But when some of us complain about the constant progress of innovation, we have a lot to be...
  9. Powerbook 140

    New SCSI2SD kit i found (For Powerbooks)

    during my recent powerbook 140 (disaster). i'm on the hunt for a Permanent data storage solution and i'm sure many others of you also want a SCSI based Data storage device. Naturally most of you would go for the 2.5 premade SCSI2SD device. but those are a rarity in themselves and cost a whopping...
  10. Mr. Dee

    Mac OS 10.0 Can Still Browse the Net

    Some what....I have a CAT5 cable running from somewhere into my room. I wasn't sure if it was working or not, but I decided to give it a try on my PowerBook G3 Wallstreet running Mac OS 10.0.3 (Cheetah). The chances of this working was very slim I thought with my concerns mainly, is the cable...
  11. iQuit

    The M1 MBP will be the PowerBook G5 we dreamed of.

    The MHz Myth
  12. Rikintosh

    (future mod) The incredible Powerbook G5 17"

    You didn't read it wrong, I actually said G5. I am studying and designing a modification to transform a common 17 "G4 into a Powerbook G5. I will use the motherboard and some other components of any iMac G5. Of course the notebook will be thick and heavy, but that is not a problem for It may...
  13. jkg4

    The Benetton Mac

    1992 Macintosh PowerBook 170 “JLPGA” special edition:  💻 🇯🇵 🏌🏻‍♀️
  14. Rikintosh

    Powerbook G3 Lombard PMU problems?

    I recently bought a 333mhz g3 powerbook, it has a common problem with these models, it just doesn't turn on when I press the button. As soon as I connect the charger, it turns on the green light, and sometimes I hear a noise in the speaker. I can turn it on after pressing the reset button behind...
  15. A

    Powerbook G4 TI bluetooth icon gray, it doesn't start up

    I've been using my 2002 Powerbook G4 Titanium with a PCMCIA Bluetooth card. The make of the card is 3Com version 3 ie the one which is compatible with the Powerbook and has drivers/kexts written for OS X 10.4 and 10.5. My OSX version is 10.5.8. The drivers and documentation for this card can be...
  16. yattaro

    New PowerBook 1400 owner looking for more info

    Hello, I am relatively new to PPC Macs and recently acquired my first one, a PowerBook 1400c/166. I'm not 100% sure of its working state just yet except that the hard drive works because I'm waiting on a charger to come in for it, but I'm looking for some more information on them since in my...
  17. Slix

    Best way to enable Wi-Fi on older Macs + file sharing?

    Hey all! I've been meaning to figure this out for a while but I looked online today and couldn't find a solution, as far as I can tell so I'm asking you guys. I have a few iBooks and PowerBooks that don't have an AirPort Extreme card but have an original AirPort card. My current Wi-Fi base...
  18. Y

    High Res Screen in A1106 PowerBook?

    Can i use a high res screen from an A1138 in an A1106? I know they are the same size, but are the connectors different or anything?
  19. cambookpro

    Eighteen Years of Progress (Current Gen MBP vs TiBook G4)

    Please excuse me if this is the wrong forum, but I thought some members may be interested. I had a small clearout today and found an old TiBook G4 (bought in around March 2001). To my surprise, it still boots (the battery even holds a charge!) and everything seems functional. I took a couple of...
  20. M

    Resolved Installing Tiger by USB on wiped PowerBook G4

    Not sure if this is the right place for posting this, but I recently got my hands on a 17" PowerBook G4 with a wiped hard drive. I have a .dmg of 10.4 that I'm trying to write to a USB flash drive so I can boot from it and install Tiger. I don't have access to any system running OS X so I can't...