1. Rikintosh

    Powerbook G3 Lombard PMU problems?

    I recently bought a 333mhz g3 powerbook, it has a common problem with these models, it just doesn't turn on when I press the button. As soon as I connect the charger, it turns on the green light, and sometimes I hear a noise in the speaker. I can turn it on after pressing the reset button behind...
  2. A

    Powerbook G4 TI bluetooth icon gray, it doesn't start up

    I've been using my 2002 Powerbook G4 Titanium with a PCMCIA Bluetooth card. The make of the card is 3Com version 3 ie the one which is compatible with the Powerbook and has drivers/kexts written for OS X 10.4 and 10.5. My OSX version is 10.5.8. The drivers and documentation for this card can be...
  3. yattaro

    New PowerBook 1400 owner looking for more info

    Hello, I am relatively new to PPC Macs and recently acquired my first one, a PowerBook 1400c/166. I'm not 100% sure of its working state just yet except that the hard drive works because I'm waiting on a charger to come in for it, but I'm looking for some more information on them since in my...
  4. Slix

    Best way to enable Wi-Fi on older Macs + file sharing?

    Hey all! I've been meaning to figure this out for a while but I looked online today and couldn't find a solution, as far as I can tell so I'm asking you guys. I have a few iBooks and PowerBooks that don't have an AirPort Extreme card but have an original AirPort card. My current Wi-Fi base...
  5. Y

    High Res Screen in A1106 PowerBook?

    Can i use a high res screen from an A1138 in an A1106? I know they are the same size, but are the connectors different or anything?
  6. cambookpro

    Eighteen Years of Progress (Current Gen MBP vs TiBook G4)

    Please excuse me if this is the wrong forum, but I thought some members may be interested. I had a small clearout today and found an old TiBook G4 (bought in around March 2001). To my surprise, it still boots (the battery even holds a charge!) and everything seems functional. I took a couple of...
  7. M

    Resolved Installing Tiger by USB on wiped PowerBook G4

    Not sure if this is the right place for posting this, but I recently got my hands on a 17" PowerBook G4 with a wiped hard drive. I have a .dmg of 10.4 that I'm trying to write to a USB flash drive so I can boot from it and install Tiger. I don't have access to any system running OS X so I can't...
  8. bobesch

    Resolved "BassJumped" PowerBook and Clamshell (os9)

    The BassJump-subwoofer is one of my favorite and most used gadgets for all kind of intel-MacBooks. It's driver-software basicly combines internal speakers with the USB-subwoofer. Sitting in front of a MacBookPro gives you a nice stereo-audio experience with that combination of internal speakers...
  9. Daniel H

    PowerBook 145 Keyboard Help

    (Yeah i know its not a macbook but i couldn't find a forum for powerbooks) I have been converting a PowerBook 145 into an iPad Pro case. So far so good with the project but I had decided it needed something. I working keyboard. My friend told be if I were to figure out how the keyboard worked...
  10. tevion5

    Advice: Best PowerBook G3?

    I have an opportunity to pick up a PowerBook G3 (266MHz PDQ) in good condition with charger for around 60 bucks. I'd like a PB G3 just to collect, but also because it's a handy interface between really old serial based Macs and more modern Ethernet capable ones. My PM8600 already does this, but...
  11. superlions16

    is the g4 dead?

    i can see why everything feels so slow on those processors now, and nothing is really fast on them anymore. i even OCed my eMac to 1.5ghz and it still feels so slow so here's my question: is the g4 just straight up obsolete?
  12. gocke004

    TiBook (Gigabit) HD Replacement

    Dear Fellow PPC Enthusiasts, I have seen this question posted numerous times on the tubes and in various venues. In my research I've been seeing some conflicting reports and information floating around. I thought I'd come here now that it's 2018 and ask again! I've got a titanium PowerBook G4...
  13. MrAjarix

    iMac G3 Optical Drive Replacement

    Hey guys. I have an iMac g3 600MHz Graphite (slot loading) and am looking for a replacement optical drive. As is common with these computers, the optical drive stopped working a while back. I decided that instead of simply replacing it with another CD-RW drive, I would upgrade it to a combo...
  14. zoiko192

    PowerBook G4 does not start. PRAM Battery?

    Good afternoon, I recive the community of MacRumors to help me relive my old powerbook, I want to know if anyone has an idea of the reason for not starting, I have a powerbook G4 1.25Ghz 15 "(FW800 - Al) I've been this week trying to revive it and sometimes I'm lucky and it turns on the system...
  15. AphoticD

    PowerBook G3 Wallstreet "PDQ" Appreciation

    Macintosh PowerBook G3 Wallstreet "PDQ" What an absolute beauty of a Mac! I had a pleasant surprise in the mail on my Friday afternoon to find delivery of this near perfect example of a September 1998 Macintosh PowerBook G3 Wallstreet Series II or "PDQ". 233Mhz PowerPC 750 "G3" with 512K L2...
  16. R

    Play DVD's Problem: PowerBook G3 Lombard / Bronze Keyboard 400MHz

    I have a Powerbook G3 Lombard / Bronze keyboard with the following specifications: 400MHz processor 128GB Hard Drive 512MB RAM OS X 10.4.11 OS 9.2.2 I've read online that this model will play DVD's only if booted into the classic Mac OS (8.6-9.2.2). This is because the 400MHz model...
  17. sibby

    Powerbook G4 PowerPC won't boot up - diagnostics/advice please?

    Hi guys, I have a friend with a PowerBook G4 15" / PowerBook5,8, PowerPC G4 (1.5), 1.67Ghz. It's obviously old, but was refurbed 3 years ago and has functioned well for their needs, but I understand the battery has been terrible for a year - holding only seconds of charge and requiring the AC...
  18. M

    1993 iPad design principles.

    The iPad was designed as a reflection on the design of existing tablets and laptops in the marketplace. It was intended to fill a gap between the Newton and other tablet offerings from Windows-aligned companies. Apple was possibly the last company to offer a tablet. Prior to this there was a...
  19. Mac03ForLife

    Anything I can do with a PB Duo Charger?

    Hello Community I have recently been handed a PowerBook Duo AC charger (The one with the 2 battery slots) Can I use this for anything except a PB Duo? Can I hack it in some way? Note that the power cord was NOT provided with this unit. Is this worth keeping, or better off being sent to the...
  20. 1

    A good battery for a DLSD PowerBook G4

    Greetings everyone! My DLSD 15" PowerBook G4 came with a battery that I tried many times to revive. No matter how long it was plugged in, the amber charging light only came on occasionally and for about 1 minute. The menu bar said "Battery not charging". Recently I bought a used battery: it's...