1. AL1630

    Good PCI IDE cards for a G4 Sawtooth?

    Currently I have 3 HDs in my G4 Server, but one of them is in the zip drive bay. I want to get it out of there and maybe add another drive, but I need an IDE controller. Are there any good, inexpensive options?
  2. iulop

    Powermac g4 freezes on boot

    My powermac g4 firewire 800 dual 1.42 gh 2gb of ram sometimes freezes at boot .That rainbow cursor wheel appears and my mac simply freezes . I am running mac os tiger on it . Can someone help me please ?
  3. K

    OSX 10.3 or 10.4 CD-ROM

    Hi folks. I got myself a Powermac G4 "digital audio" (466 MHz, 768MB RAM, ATI RAGE128) off Freecycle, as well as a nice 20" acrylic ADC Cinema Display. The thing is, the hard drive has been erased on the Mac - and it's only got a CD drive. I believe there are some boxed versions of OSX 10.3 and...
  4. arkieboy72472

    New member here needing a ton of help with a few G4's

    I have posted on Reddit about this issue and one person sent me here. I have 2 Powermac G4's I am wanting to refurbish. 1 powers on but gives me a question mark/folder error and the other doesn't power on yet and is missing a graphics card. I am wanting to pimp them out and clean them up as much...
  5. kevinakerberg

    Resolved Rarity of Dual 533Mhz PowerMac G4 Digital Audio

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a dual processor 533Mhz PowerMac G4 to upgrade and resell. However, when looking on eBay to get an idea of what it's worth, I found that there were no listings at all for this model. There were some for the single processor version for average prices but none for...
  6. iulop

    Best mp3 cd burner software for ppc mac

    What is the best mp3 cd burner for a powermac g4 ? I am currently running mac os 10.5 leopard .
  7. LarsG5

    Is my CPU dead?

    Hello, I have recently purchased a Power Mac G4 MDD Dual 1,42Ghz. All I wanted to do was swapping the CPU board with my MDD 2003 single 1,25Ghz. I turned the 1,42 on, everything seemed to work, so later on I swapped the CPUs. Now the 1,42 MDD with a swapped single 1,25Ghz CPU works just fine...
  8. kevinakerberg

    Best graphics card for Powermac G4 MDD

    Hi everyone. I recently acquired a Powermac G4 MDD with dual 1.25ghz cpus. I've been maxing it out with parts I have available, like the RAM and hard drive. But since this is my first Mac desktop, and I know that you can't slot in any gpu, I'm a little unsure about the graphics. It currently has...
  9. H

    Spotify also works on 10.4!

    Hi folks, I don't know if this has been posted / found out before, so I feel sorry if that's true. Today, I was browsing the PPC archive on my PowerMac G4 running Tiger. I found Spotify and it looked cool to be able to stream music on a 15 year old computer. Unfortunately, according to PPC...
  10. lcdswat

    G4 MDD and FW800 CPU compatibility

    Hi there! I have the powermac G4 MDD 1.25DP FW800 with broken logicboard and I want to buy another mac to repair my computer, but I didnt find exacty my model of it. But I have found an MDD 1.25 model (not FW800) which works pretty fine. So I have a question – can I place my dual CPU board to a...
  11. O

    How much would this PowerMac sell for?

    I'm thinking of selling my PowerMac G4 Quicksilver on Ebay to buy a Macbook with a Intel processor. How much would this PowerMac sell for? Here are the specs: - Airport Card - 512MB RAM - 2 Hard Drives (20GB, 18GB) - Running Leopard (I'll probably sell the official Leopard CD with box) - 1 GHz...