prime video

  1. E

    Safari and HDR on Prime Video

    Hello to all, I hope this is the right section. I would like to know if Safari can play HD AND HDR videos from Prime Video. I have a MBP 16’’ and a HDR capable tv (but not 4K). I know that on Big Sur Safari can handle HDR on Netflix, but I can’t find a definitive answer for Prime Video and...
  2. S

    Coronation Street via Amazon Prime Video

    Hi All Wife got me an ATV 4K for Christmas and I am trying to setup our watch list and hers includes Coronation Street. We currently pay Amazon £4 a month for the itv player as this seems the only way to get HD away from Sky. When I do a Siri search it only gives me the option for ITV hub...
  3. M

    Mac mini - one app to stream all (Netflix, NowTV & prime)

    Hi guys, I have a spare Mac mini and I thought I would put it in my living room and hook it up to my TV with hue lights have the lights synced to the content I am watching. Most of our viewing is on Netflix and Prime. We are planning to get NowTV to watch a few things on there. I am having...
  4. Michelasso

    Prime Video: English subtitles disappearing

    Since when Amazon introduces the irritating previews my subtitles are disappearing. This is my setup: - ATV 4K main language Italian - Language for audio and subtitles in ATV's settings: English - Language for audio and subtitles in Prime Video web settings: English Usually when I played a...
  5. Michelasso

    Prime Video X-Ray?

    In the changelog of the last Prime Video update (Feb, 1) it's written: But I don't see X-ray anywhere. Is that a mistake in the changelog or there is a trick to access it?
  6. lollorenzo

    iPad Pro Netflix, Prime Video, etc.

    Hi. Have someone problems with the resolution of the new iPad Por 11" about this two streaming services? I see the app window of both from Netflix and Prime Video (also Affinity Designer and Photo). I think those app needs upgrade to new iPad Pro resolution but I'm not sure about this...
  7. Michelasso

    Default Prime Video audio to English using a different primary language?

    My question is simple: is there a way to have Prime Video always playing the videos in English (when available) when the main language is different (Italian in my case)? I have already set the audio and subs language to English in Settings. But each time I start a video it starts with Italian...
  8. R

    Apps Prime Video: audio language selection never sticks.

    Hello, Is it just me or somebody else has this problem? I like to see the content in the language it was originally made. For a lot (most) of the content in the Prime Video app that is English. I am located in Mexico, and even if I have the app configured to display in English (and wherever I...