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Feb 20, 2012
Treviso, Italy
Since when Amazon introduces the irritating previews my subtitles are disappearing. This is my setup:

- ATV 4K main language Italian
- Language for audio and subtitles in ATV's settings: English
- Language for audio and subtitles in Prime Video web settings: English

Usually when I played a video the audio was in Italian (which is also wrong) and the subtitles in English. Now, after Amazon introduced the previews, if there is a preview the English subs disappear; the audio is still Italian. I have to quit the vision, and play it again a couple of times. Not sure if from beginning or where I left, because it isn't systematic.

Is this happening to anyone else? Especially to people in English speaking Countries with the ATV also set all to English? I've just reported it to Amazon, but any issue I report about their app seem to disappear in a black hole..
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