1. maverick28

    Mac Create an agent to watch program launches

    Hello, I want to create an agent that would launch a certain script when iTunes is launched. Obviously, with the traditional set of properties such as KeepAlive and RunAtLoad it will resume endlessly as soon as the default 10-sec interval elapses which is not the desired behaviour as I need it...
  2. V

    nsurlsessiond. How do I stop it?

    Hello. today when I booted my computer noticed that my internet was unusually slow, I read that this process manages some updates for some apps. Great. But I’m in a pretty low bandwidth, and I don’t want this process to queue up every single time slowing my other internet tasks. So I would like...
  3. K

    What is 'unillumination' process Mavericks?

    Hi All, This new process appeared 1 week ago when I was away on vacation using a mobile USB device to connect. That device has been just fine for 6 years, and only ever used a couple of times a year (in the same place) when I find myself in the boondocks. No neighbours there, and no WiFi...