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  1. I

    possible damaged through heat just because of Facebook app?

    so yesterday night I used the Facebook app for about I think 10 minutes when I noticed that the upper left side next to the camera was really hot. Actually it wasn't the battery because I know that the battery is located on the right side under the camera so it has to be the logic board. My...
  2. murad_fourth

    Other Should i wait for iPhone 13 or buy iPhone 12?

    Hello everyone. iPhone 12: A14 iPhone 13: A15 Should i wait for the next year iPhones? What do you suggest? And one more thing... LOL.
  3. T

    Macbook Pro 16" Which Processor 2.3 or 2.4 i9?

    Which one would you get? I read somewhere the 2.3 is better then the 2.4 sometimes. I this true? 32 GB 2666 MHz DDR4 (On‑Board) 1 TB SSD Radeon Pro 5500M, 8 GB GDDR6 Not sure on the Processor though..
  4. I

    Upgrade Graphics card or Processor or both?

    Hi Guys, This is my machine. I am not a computer wiz but I am confident I have a powerful processor? I am having issues running programs like After Effects, FCPX, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and they run slow, lag lots and render with slow speeds and I was told I need to upgrade my...
  5. theStruggle

    Resolved The 5,1 Fan Conondrum

    Hello, my first post on this forum and sadly it isn't a nice one; but it could end up nicely - I hope! I've had a problem with my precious 5,1 for a long time. Then I became ill and didn't try to fix it - instead resorted to my PC, which annoys me every day no matter the great performance. I'm...
  6. George Knighton

    Other eSIM Processor Overhead?

    I've seen a couple of posts wherein people have referred to a "chip" on the iPhone that stores eSIM information. Do we know whether there is any processor overhead associated with the use of an eSIM and the A12? If there is even a tiny, incremental overhead, or even a theoretical overhead, I...
  7. M

    Another "convince me" thread and the 5th gen processor

    Sorry, I'm sure this has been posted and talked about extensively. I am on the verge of buying another macbook. At this point, I'm a grad student and my computer uses have little to anything to do with either multimedia (aside from youtube vids or reddit). I don't edit photos except maybe to...
  8. Morgan Mac

    Processor board release mechanism

    I'm having a problem with the processor board release mechanism on my 4,1 Mac Pro. You are meant to press in the tabs on either side to push out the board connected at the back. However these tabs now do nothing. You can freely slide them in and out without any resistance. To remove the board I...
  9. omarojo

    new MP15 (2018) i7 (2.2/2.6Ghz) or i9 (2.9Ghz)

    So Im looking at 3 processor options (2.9Ghz) i9 8950hk (2.6Ghz) i7 8850h (2.2Ghz) i7 8750h Im planning to configure it for 32GB RAM with the 560x GPU I just dont know which processor.. by looking at the benchmarks I see the numbers but honestly.. how am I suppose to know if 200pts or 500...
  10. GuiPol

    Power Mac G5 (june 2004) processor upgrade compatibility

    Hello guys ! So i've got my hands on 2 power mac G5 recently, apparently dead : The first one would be this one : Dual 2 ghz from june 2003 stamped powermac 7,2 and the second one ...
  11. Morgan Mac

    4,1 Mac Pro, won't power on

    So about two years ago I was playing a graphically intensive video game on my Mac Pro 4,1 computer. I was becoming slightly alarmed as I noticed the fans had automatically sped up to cool down the processor, it was getting very noisy. Then suddenly the display just went black. The processor was...
  12. jojellybean

    iMac "Static/Electrical" buzz sound only when scrolling/minimizing windows?

    Hi everyone, I've had my iMac for a few months and it works great, but I have noticed that there is a static noise every time I scroll down or up a webpage and go back and forth. I looked into it and see that some people are also affected by it and I don't know if anyone has an idea about it. I...
  13. vimistudios

    CPU Temperature Monitor App for Macbook?

    Although most of Apple's Macs come with highly efficient cooling designs, there are times when intensive processing tasks such as video rendering and audio design put an enormous strain on the CPU. If you need to stay on top of the situation and to keep a close eye on your Mac processor's...
  14. iulop

    extreme temperatures Istat menus

    Istat menus shows 478 degrees Celsius processor temperature . I am worried that my processor will melt !
  15. thisisthesam

    Macbook Pro 2017 Advice?

    New to the forum! Hello all! I'm about to replace my 2010 white macbook with the 2017 15" macbook pro highest standard spec. The only concern is the potential upgrade to the 3.1 processor over the standard 2.9. I'm going to be using the macbook primarily for design, so ill be using photoshop...
  16. audqyee

    Opinion on spec-ing MBP 2017

    Hi guys! I'm pretty new here, both in the world of Macs and MacRumors. I'm planning on buying on the 13-inch Macbook Pro with the Touchbar that was released in 2017 and I need your opinion on this. For background, these are the options on Apple's website: Processor 3.1GHz dual-core...
  17. I

    Mac Pro Mid 2012 Processor Upgrade

    Hey guys, I have a mac pro (mid 2012 model) with dual 2.4 GHz Six Core (i think 24 cores in total) 32-nm Xeon E5645 (Westmere) processors also with 32 gb of ram. I edit video full time and I just upgraded my graphics card (long overdue). I was wondering, what's the fastest processor I can...
  18. LillaK

    Resolved Macbook Pro 13" with 2.9 vs 3.1 GHz processor

    Hi all, I've decided to purchase my first Macbook. I've chosen Macbook Pro 13" with Touch Bar+Touch ID, but I'm torn between two options: should I choose the older model with a 2.9 GHz processor (i5+Intel Iris Plus Graphics 550) or the new one with a 3.1 GHz processor (i5+Intel Iris Plus...
  19. H

    MBP 13" 2017 upgrade RAM or processor?

    Haven't seen any thread addressing this question for the new model. What I use my mac for: excel and stata (mostly financial and macro econ modeling, use some pretty phat spreadsheets and models); am learning R and how to write in C; watching rick and morty; porn. Would I be better served...
  20. Menelaos

    iPad dual core Vs Android double quad core

    Hello folks. I'm about to invest in a new tablet and could do with the opinions of some more experienced people. I am between the iPad 32GB Wi-Fi (which features an A9 chip) and the Hussein Media pad M3 (which features a double quad-core processor.) My most memory heavy uses of the tablet...