quadro 4000

  1. TechInit

    Quadro 4000 with MacOS Mojave

    Hey, So, I've been doing research, and found a out that the best value for money Graphics Card is the Nvidia Quadro 4000. I'm not sure wether to bite the bullet and buy it, or wait until later to buy an RX 560. The Mac Pro is the 3, 1, which can get Mojave when using Dosdude1's Patcher. Looking...
  2. TechInit

    El Capitan/Yosemite on 256MB of VRAM

    Hey, So, I'm thinking of investing in a 3, 1 Mac Pro, with a Radeon 2600 XT. It has 256MB of GDDR4 VRAM, and I was wondering if it would run on Yosemite or El Capitan. I'll definitely upgrade the Graphics Card to something better down the line, like a Quadro 4000, as I'm into video/ graphical...
  3. parisinvest

    PNY/Nvidia Quadro 4000 K4000 P4000 M4000

    hi guys, thanks you for your reply and helps on the former video card questions, i'm just want to know further about the nvidia cards, so i'm using a quadro 4000 on my mac pro 5.1, without boot screen, so my quesitons are below, any help will be very appreciated. 1, can i flash a quadro 4000...