quality control

  1. W

    All iPads It seems like Apple has some quality control issues when it comes to their Pencil tips. I made a video showcasing that.

    On another note, how many times can I screw and unscrew a Pencil tip before it wears down the gold connectors inside? Found myself screwing and unscrewing one time in a bout of anxiety, and I had to make multiple takes of this video before I got it right.
  2. Superrenz

    iPad Pro Quality issues iPad Pro 12.9(2018)

    Slowly but surely I get the impression, that the glory days of Apple's quality control are over. Today I discovered two tiny clusters of bad pixels on the screen of my IPP 12.9 (2018). Annoying but with AC+ no big deal- normally. Apple accepted my request for exchange right away and will ship a...
  3. B

    Scratch on Macbook Pro (late 2016)? Is this common?

    Hi all, As I was cleaning my Macbook Pro (late 2016 with Touch ID) screen today, I noticed there were some small dots and lines that couldn't be wiped off. I noticed they were there beforehand, as they line up with some keys on the keyboard, but didn't think much of it. But today I realized...