1. A

    Finder, file quicklook just to current space

    User defined up to 7 desktop spaces (virtual desktops) and uses those. How to force Finder's file quicklook (select a file in Finder then hit keyboard space bar) to open just on current space? Currently quicklook for any supported type of files opens on all spaces which is highly annoying. Did...
  2. T

    Quick Look visual glitch (when "reduce transparency" is enabled) on M1

    For the past two years I used hackintosh with Mojave but since Apple decided to go in the direction of Apple Silicon/ARM it was time to move on, too. So, now I'm fully migrated to a brand new Mac Mini M1 (512/16) and I'm really happy with the overall performance (even surprised!) but I noticed...
  3. S

    MacOS Catalina: Quicklook/Spotlight add-ins not working

    Quicklook and Spotlight plug-ins for metadata viewing worked prior to 10.15. These were very useful for showing publication information details (year, description, etc.). For some reason they no longer work. Maybe all third-party plug-ins for Quicklook and Spotlight are disabled now by the OS...
  4. N

    QuickLook not showing text-like files

    Hi! Really annoying problem. I don't know when or why this started. But a few months ago I noticed the QL would take a lot of time loading to show me a preview something like a 2KB *.txt file. But now, it loads indefinitely. I said "text-like" files because everything else seems to work fine...
  5. ASentientBot

    QuickLookUIService (Finder) stopping disk ejection

    If disks keep refusing to eject, I've found that killing this process in Activity Monitor allows them to be ejected 99% of the time. Wasn't really sure where to post this, but I hope that helps somebody.
  6. kriebe

    Quick Look lost image maximize ability?

    Before Mojave, if you pressed spacebar on a single image in a list of images and then adjusted the window to be larger on your screen, maybe to even fill up the window, the image within the window expands with it. This still does the same, however, when you arrow up or down to the next image in...
  7. A

    Has Finder QuickLook for JPGs improved in Mojave?

    Have been having issues with JPG QuickLook Finder previews since I got this laptop early this year (Macbook Pro 2017 15" 2.9 GHz currently on 10.13.4). Updated the OS several times from the version that came stock without any results. Was able to drastically reduce .CR2 preview load times with...