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Sep 28, 2017
For the past two years I used hackintosh with Mojave but since Apple decided to go in the direction of Apple Silicon/ARM it was time to move on, too.

So, now I'm fully migrated to a brand new Mac Mini M1 (512/16) and I'm really happy with the overall performance (even surprised!) but I noticed a weird glitch in Quick Look when previewing images. You can see that in the attached screen recording (just in case here's YT version). What's weird the glitch is only present with the "Reduce transparency" option enabled.

Any ideas how to fix this? I don't really like transparent UI, so I would like to keep it disabled.

I would submit the video as a macOS bug but can't find proper page to do so.



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Jul 13, 2017
Thank you for posting this. It was driving me crazy, and I never even imagined it had anything to do with Reduce Transparency. But it clearly (no pun intended) does; for me, the QuickLook glitch is more annoying than Transparency, so I've turned that back to default, but I agree—it would be nice if it would work properly either way.

Moka Akashiya

macrumors member
Nov 19, 2020
Hey guys, can somebody say if this bug still exists on Monterey? Just quick look some images separately with reduced transparency, as on video above. Thanks.
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