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  1. OCJ

    Universal Smart Comic Reader - Automatically zoom in on panels

    Hi, I'm an independent iOS developer and I've just released my first app. It's called Smart Comic Reader and the Smart part refers to its ability to automatically detect panels in a comic, then zoom in on it and move between them. The idea grew out of my frustration with reading comics on my...
  2. H

    Best PDF Reader/Editor

    Hi Guys, Quick question, is PDF Expert still considered the best PDF reader / editor? I have some training books in PDF format that I want to read, bookmark, write notes on certain pages, etc. Thank you!
  3. danlai

    Universal AirRead - Reads aloud news web pages and ebooks (free app)

    It automatically downloads the linked news articles found on a web page and reads them aloud one by one. View on appstore Steps: 1. Open a web page using AirRead's browser, play "Linked articles" 2. It starts to speak when a page is ready. You can copy ePub/text files to the app thru...
  4. ERVI

    iBooks read selective page

    Hi all, I know how to read a pdf using iBooks but I'm just wondering whether or not there is a way to set the page it should start reading from. For example: a book has 10 pages of introduction so I want it to start reading from the 11th on... is it possible WITHOUT manually selecting all the...
  5. A

    Universal Best Productivity App For IOS

    MobileOffice - Word Processor and Reader for Microsoft Office Description THE BEST DOCUMENT EDITING AND MANAGEMENT SUITE FOR IPHONE AND IPAD. + Create and Edit Documents on your iPhone or iPad. + Create and Edit Spreadsheets + Scan documents and convert to PDF + Create Hand-Written notes...
  6. P

    Comic Landscape - A large way to read your comics

    Recently published app that lets you read your cbr/cbz/pdf/rar/zip comics in landscape mode (portrait also supported in settings) The reader can read the comic by tapping on the bottom of the screen or top of the screen to go down or up half a page. In an upcoming update you'll be able to browse...