1. T

    iPhone 7(+) How to prevent an incoming call from interrupting a video recording?

    How is one supposed to go about keeping the phone from interrupting a video recording if an incoming call comes in? Here are a couple of sites which say one can keep the screen from being commandeered by an incoming call using the Do Not Disturb feature...
  2. Z

    iPhone not so evident in recording

    Is there a voice recording app -other than Voice Memos- that will is not seen when one slides to open the iPhone? Voice Memos, has a large red bar when opening the iPhone, that indicates its recording. I wish to make recordings but not to be so evident when one is opening the iPhone ;-)
  3. F

    iPhone 8(+) Iphone recording problem when upload to instagram

    hi! I have an issue with the screen recording on my iphone. I’ll try to explain it the best i can! So i used the screen recording to record a piece of a youtube video. It instantly was saves on my camera roll and everything was fine. It played well, with sound. Everything ok. The issue comes...
  4. danoise

    Sononym: Next-gen Sample Browser

    I'd like to share this cool project with you guys: Could be a game-changer for people who dabble with large amounts of samples: in particular, music producers and sound designers? The software will automatically classify your sounds according to dozens of categories, and pull off this...
  5. B

    iPhone 7(+) Strange Audio Issue

    Hello all ! My iPhone 7 has been behaving strangely with it's audio recording. When using the Voice Memo or the Camera app - all is OK. Audio recording is clear and crisp. When using any other app, such as Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, iMessage etc., when recording video or audio, there is...
  6. Rainyman96

    Any Screen Recorder with an Option to Choose Bitrate before Recording?

    Hey I've used Camtasia mac trial version for couple days and I have to say it's really amazing. Though the huge size of the output file isn't so good news for a half-terabyte SSD. So far, I've had to reduce the size/bitrate using the app after recording (re-encoding actually) but it's a so...
  7. alptkz

    Resolved Desktop audio going through voice recording

    When I try to make any kind of audio recording with my Macbook to record my voice, the audio from my desktop can be heard too. For example, if I make a Quicktime audio recording and select an external microphone as the source (I've tried with airpods and a wired headset with microphone), I can...
  8. G

    iPad iOS 11 Screen recording vs video file size?

    On iPad Pro 256 GB / iOS 11.4 1.) How do I find out the file size of a recording? 2.) Is there a difference in file size for screen recordings vs video recordings of the same length? I understand screen recording uses PNG as a file format, so I figured the quality and file size must be...
  9. mayuka

    Universal Unlimited audio recording app

    Hi all, I am looking for a simple app that can record 24+ hours of audio. I tried several apps, but all of them seem to have limits. For example, Apple GarageBand and the MusicMemo app limit recording to 40 minutes while the 50$ Cubasis limits recording to 4 hours... I found several...
  10. S

    Thunderbolt 2 > firewire 400 adapter

    I am looking for a Thunderbolt 2 to a firewire 400 adapter. Anybody knows where to get one? I have googled it, but can't seem to find one. :( Is the trick to go for thunderbolt to firewire 800 and then a converter from firewire 800 to 400 (will this work with audio recording - stable) ...
  11. Sebastian79

    General Recording

    Is there a way to use the recording/screen recording option including mic input? In other words record video conversations with both sides' audio included? Tnx!
  12. ipadhi

    iPad Pro Ability to record face, audio, and slideshow on screen simultaneously?

    Nevermind i figured this out myself.
  13. White Rabbit

    Where can I get safely Soundflower?

    Hi, I used Soundflower for recording my computer audio without recording the external noise. I need it urgently for recording the sound for a video. Now it is very difficult to find it. Does anybody know where I can get it or what I can use instead? thanks
  14. Sebastian79

    Recording on iPad

    # I am unable to record a video chat session on my ipad 5 running ios11, because the incoming voice sound is not recording. I am trying to record group video chats on the house party app. Can anyone help me please?
  15. S

    Is an iMac 2011 good enough for music production?

    Hello! I'm looking for some advice, please! I bought a 2016 MacBook Pro today for $1099, with a $199 protection plan that covers pretty much everything, without any extra Apple Care fees for repairs. I bought it on impulse while buying a mic and audio interface, bc the sales employee kept...
  16. SimoneNatalie

    Problems with Lexicon Lambda on Mac

    Hello I have Yosemite on my Macbook, and I want to record my singing through Lexicon Lambda, that my mic is connected to. When I sing in the mic, nothing happens in Garage band. It does not get any signal and does not record anything. The weird thing is, that it works in audacity. What...
  17. T

    Best MacBook for Recording Music

    Hi all, I am looking at buying a MacBook to record music. It'll be fairly basic guitar, vocals, etc. I haven't written any EDM yet! What do you guys/girls recommend? I'm not looking to break the bank - am fine with second hand/refurbished. Cheers!
  18. Luftens Hjälte

    Iphone SE won't record or play any sound unless speaker phone is activated and then deactivated

    Hey members at Macrumors! I have had this problem since late November, I am not sure if it started exactly when I upgraded to IOS10 but I do believe so. This problem has persisted a full system restore (not restoring to a backup) and also a change of device (I received a new phone on warranty...
  19. T

    How to set custom resolution for internal display in Sierra?

    I'm using Sierra on a 2015 15" retinal MPB. When I do screen recordings using Quicktime, the files I get are enormous and entirely unnecessary since I'm just going to scale them down in iMovie anyway. Plus, doing a screen recording seems to just be too much for this laptop; the fans go like...
  20. wisecracker

    Simple Applescript help.

    For a few years now I have been developing a bash script that is a calibrated text mode AudioScope. A guy on here, 'kryten2', if he still on here, helped solve auto recording as a capture for OSX 10.7.5. The original function in my script that works fine is here:- #...