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  1. amitmo

    iPhone SE 2nd Gen - iPhone unavailable

    Hi, I recently updated iPhone SE 2nd gen to iOS 16.1.1 through iTunes. Post that I got a msg of Attempting data recovery. The phone restarted and now it has a display of iPhone unavailable without any timer. I haven't forgotten the passcode or my Apple ID I do not have any backup of the phone...
  2. purdnost

    Apple Music Accidentally Deleted a “Made For You” Playlist

    I accidentally deleted my “New Music Mix” playlist in the ”Made For You” section. How do I get it back?
  3. haralds

    iPod Recover Games from iPod Classic

    To my horror I lost my collection of old Click iPod games from my library. I still have them on my iPod Classic. What is the best way to pull them off so I have them available for restoration? I have a restored PPC Mini running Tiger and Leopard with iTunes 10.6.3. But with it things only go...
  4. D

    Other (Important) iPhone and iCloud

    I had an iphone 6 and I lost it. later on i bought another iphone 6 and put the iCloud backup from the old iphone to the new one. It's been a year. Can I recover the original iCloud backup from the first iphone or has it been overwritten by the new iphone?
  5. A

    Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive stopped working

    My Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive stopped working. It was in storage for two years. I pulled out to work with an old iPhoto library. I left it plugged into my computer for a few days. Slowly it stopped working. It started taking longer and longer to do things. Then it started crashing my...
  6. IamOMan

    Orphaned Files. Where to find and recover them.

    So I was cleaning and deleted some important video files thinking they were some others I also cleaned my trash can. ?‍♂️ So I tried out a recovery software and found them under "Orphans" and subfolders of "temp228033" and many others. I can not afford the pro version of this software to recover...
  7. miketurner201

    Can I recover deleted shared album

    I’ve mistakenly deleted a shared album on my MacBook (running Catalina). It is still on my iPhone (running IOS 13.5). Can I get my shared album (called 2020) back on my Mac. I’ve tried copying all 443 photos from my iPhone but my phone then stays stuck on ‘Downloading’ but gets nowhere after a...
  8. lyp29

    How to backup a disabled iPhone?

    My iPhone is disabled as a result of too many failed password attempts and it requires me to connect to the iTunes to recover it (reset it to factory settings and erase all my data). I did not backup my iPhone. Therefore, I am wondering if there is a way for me to backup it while it is disabled...
  9. P

    Unrecoverable Partition, Mac APFS Disk Unmounted

    Suddenly i am unable to login with my normal user id, i booted into recovery trying to repair the disk but the disk utility are not showing my container. I then managed to installed the OS again on another apfs volume, everything working great until i notice my memory pressure shooting up to...
  10. T

    Recover deleted .Spotlight-V100 on external drive?

    Hi there. So, I had an encrypted image on an external drive. For security reasons I wanted all .Trashes and caches n such gone so I just shorthand decided to delete everything besides my actual .dmg image. Turns out you kinda need some of the stuff for indexing ur device ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I mean I...
  11. Jets737

    iPod touch Recover/transfer music from old iPod

    my wife had a Nano with a music collection. She now has a iTouch. Her old Windows machine crashed and she didn’t have a back-up of the music. It’s not a huge deal as all of her music was from CDs we own, but it will be an issue her new laptop doesn’t have a CD drive. It is possible to get...
  12. Lyrik

    Disk Partition Problem

    I used this common in terminal (diskutil partitionDisk disk2 GPT HFS+ newdisk R) from another post here to try to get my 1TB Toshiba External USB HD to work on both PC and Mac. I was trying to do this WITHOUT erasing any files on the drive. Not only did it repartition, it erased everything and...
  13. U

    Recovery data from dead macbook

    Hey guys, I just got the miserable news that my Macbook Pro mid 2012 has a major problem with its motherboard. How can I take back the data that was in its SSD and HDD? Please tell me it is possible. Thanks!
  14. H

    iMac Fan issues

    Late 2012 27" iMac, 16 GB 1 TB Fusion drive, i7 chip. Since April on and off with this issue. Fans goes whirring, everything slows down until you have to shut it off. It can go several days (or not), with everything fine. No ryhme or reason. I've done the basic things at least 3-4 times...
  15. D

    Recover external drive, reformatted?

    I need help, which recovery app should I try out to fix this on Mac OSX or Windows? I accidentally reformatted to fat32 the wrong usb drive realizing within seconds. I've download "easeUS data recovery wizard technician" taking 2/3 hours for deep scanning, looks like it's not finding anymore...
  16. Azza1

    iPhone X wallet

    Hi, I had to restore my iphone x i Had a trust ethereum wallet on it The only restore i had was december 2017 I downloaded the wallet in february 2018 i restored in june 2018 i saved the passphrase in my notes I still have the exisiting device but when download wallet app again it has started as...
  17. jimcoey

    All data easily recoverable after disk utility erase on SSD

    Hello everyone, really hoping someone can help me out, i'd be very very grateful! Its come to the time to upgrade and therefore sell my old laptop. Its a mid-2012 13" macbook pro with an intel core i5 and 4gb ram. Originally it came with a 500GB hard drive but I have upgraded this myself to a...
  18. S

    Accidentally deleted my Macs internal harddrive!!! HELP!!

    So I was trying to install Windows 10 via Bootcamp on my MacBook Pro (2011). I made a new partition in Disk Utility and called it BOOTCAMP (For my Windows) As I'm planning to use Windows a lot from now on, I decided to make it take up a lot of the space. I resized the partition where my OSX High...
  19. M

    Locked out of iPhone7, how to reach code input (or restore to current firmware). Please help!

    Hi all. I am new here (and English isn't my native language) but I really need your help. I've been ill for a while and just yesterday I finally was able to jailbreak my iPhone 7 (on iOS 10.0.1). This morning I entered the code to be able to use touch ID. Then later when I tried to unlock, it...
  20. mmandagaran

    Can I recover photos?? Hard drive was formatted :(

    Hi everyone! I had some problems my macbook pro didn't load, the colored wheel was loading and nothing, so the service made a Hard disk scan and formatted it. I had some info backed up, and some not, all my photos are lost, and I am really desperate to have them back! Is it possible? I read...